Leipzig's pulse does not tremble for Upamecano; has two others on the way

At Red Bull, flirting with Bayern is not a concern. It will come out through the clause. In September he already signed his replacement, who is leaving at Dinamo, and has already identified another.


Before the problem appears, you must already have the solution. It is a maxim at Leipzig and it is always fulfilled. It will also do so in the case of Upamecano. While Bayern show off and mark territory by confirming meetings with their agent and publicizing their interest in Upamecano, Leipzig already have the bandage for an injury that has not yet occurred. He is not impressed that Rummenigge or Salihamidzic are giving speeches on the power of Bayern when it comes to buying players. Leipzig's pulse is not shaking by the possible departure of Upamecano. He has put the machine to work a long time ago and Markus Krösche is very calm.

Bayern will go through the box, will pay the 43 million, according to Kicker, of the termination clause of the 22-year-old French defender and while Leipzig has long had the replacement. Specifically since September and the plan has run its course. The Red Bull club signed the surprising Josko Gvardiol for 16 million and let him grow at Dinamo Zagreb. The reports of its evolution could not be better. Central left-handed, 19-year-old Croatian, U21 international and versatile. With skills also to train as a left back. Leipzig have gained a year of training with him, they follow him daily and are in constant communication. "Josko is making a great development in Zagreb, he is amazing for his age and fits perfectly into our philosophy," says Krösche, who does not stop there.

The Leipzig already has another option in its portfolio. This is not yet signed, but it is moving forward. Talks are underway to sign 20-year-old Strasbourg central revelation Mohamed Simakan. The young man from Marseille has gone from having a market value of 8 to 18 million in a year. Leipzig are close to signing him for 15 million, but first he will undergo a knee arthroscopy. Thus, with the sale of Upamecano, Leipzig has to pay for the movements of Gvardiol and Simakan and it will still have to spare. Rummenigge can show his chest that now everyone wants to play for Bayern, as he and Oliver Kahn explained a few days ago, but his money goes to Leipzig, which is already in competition.

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