Leganés pursue a historic streak against an uncomfortable rival

If they win, Garitano's men will add five victories in a row, something never achieved in professional football. The last time they touched him, they fell to Tenerife.


Modern Leganés had become accustomed to adding the epithet 'historical' to their string of recent exploits. But Garitano was leaving and the manna of adjectives became secarral. Only Pellegrino and his oasis season in First (the one with the highest pepinera score in the elite) was a parenthesis to the previous streak. Then the descent was consummated and Leganés again entered the Second well from which Garitano now intends to rescue him by pulling normality also with the historical epithet chasing his results. Today, against Tenerife in Butarque (14:00, follow the game live on AS.com) he can break another barrier just a month after his return.

Because Leganés in its 92-year history has never managed to link in professional football (First or Second) five consecutive victories. To win this noon, such a feat would be achieved that will not fill any showcase, but it would boost the pepineros hearts. It would also be the empirical confirmation of a miracle that, regardless of what happens today, is real. With Garitano the Lega has added 12 points out of 12 possible to accumulate 26% of the 46 harvested throughout the season. Historical.

Garitano's prudence

The term, however, makes Garitano himself twist his face, obsessed with everyday life and his roadmap. "How to get five consecutive victories? I don't know. I only think about winning the next game. We have a clear idea of what to do and we are going to maintain it with whatever results," he answered yesterday bluntly and, again, cautious.

Because he bathed Tenerife in a fountain of compliments ("It is a very difficult team, very hard work") knowing of his recent streak. Rayo was knocked down 0-1 and Ponferradina 1-0. In addition, the canaries return to a stadium of good memories. There he consummated his penultimate promotion to First Division, when in a Butarque full of Atlético de Madrid fans (who also played for promotion in Getafe) he won 0-1 with, by the way, José Luis Martí, a former cucumber coach this year, in his rows.

Now those times seem distant, but the five years that separate Tete's last visit to La Avenida de los Once Leones are not so distant, when they also won 0-1 (Javi Lara's goal) and stopped, curiously, another pepinera streak of four wins in a row. Beware the fates of destiny, which draw whimsical coincidences.

Pepineras rotations, Canarian continuity

In the third consecutive home game of Lega (Albacete, Almería and now Tenerife) Garitano could make slight rotations. Without Perea, touched by physical discomfort, the 4-2-3-1 points to the return with Gaku and Pardo opposing ownership and defense as the line with the most modifications. In Tenerife, Ramis will not play much in an eleven thrown. Only the forced absence of the injured Aitor Sanz will give way to Javi Alonso.

Serantes, a cucumber legend, will wait his turn on the bench of a stadium that, if it were to host an audience, would have sung his name as a recurring soundtrack. Heroes never forget.

As to follow Leganés


Armored in the axis of the rear, with Garitano he has established himself in the position. He was the hero against Almería. Rising Value

As to follow Tenerife

Germán Valera

The young talent from the mattress quarry debuted last week with a goal. It may not be a starter, but it will enjoy minutes.



Leganés feels untouchable after accumulating four victories in a row. The fifth could arrive in the fort in which they have transformed Butarque.


Ramis's Tenerife has become very practical: he defends with order and integrity and takes advantage of the few opportunities he has to get something positive.


Garitano rotates a squad that is wide, something that for Bergara, far from being a problem, is being a blessing. Everyone competes. Everyone contributes.

Giant Killer

This is proven by the statistics: the Blue and Whites tend to be better at the rivals in the upper zone: Rayo or Espanyol are witnesses of it.

High and low Leganés:

Lasure and Perea will miss the match due to discomfort. Rubén Pérez and Tarín return, although both will possibly be left out of the eleven.

Ups and downs Tenerife:

Ramis recovers Shashoua, but will not be able to count on the injured Zarfino, Aitor Sanz, Bruno Wilson, Jacobo and Lasso.

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