LeBron calls Ibrahimovic a hypocrite: "I will never shut up"

The Los Angeles Lakers forward responds to the footballer's statements about the role of sports stars in politics.


LeBron James responded to Zlatan Ibrahimovic's criticism of the political role of the great sports stars after the Los Angeles Lakers victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. “I have more than 300 children in my school (I Promise School) who need a voice and I am their voice… I will never shut up when something is wrong. It will not limit me to just derpote. I'm the wrong guy to go to: I always do my homework, ”said the Los Angeles franchise forward.

"There is no way that I limit myself to just dedicating myself to sports because I understand this platform and how powerful my voice is. It's funny that he says that: I think in 2018 it was he who said, when I was back in Sweden, that he felt racism because his last name was not a normal last name (in Sweden). Right? He said that, right? I think he said it, "he continued. The words to which the NBA champion refers were the following:

"When I arrived at Malmoe, I was not accepted like the others. Why? Because I was Ibrahimovic. It was not Andersson, it was not Svensson, all those typically Swedish surnames. I was a foreigner. (...). I had an incident. In training, they made me a ticket and I headbutted a teammate, because he was angry. His father was a police officer. He signed a letter to the club asking for him to be sent off and gave that paper to all the players of the team and It said, 'sign this if you agree that Zlatan should be expelled.' I was in juveniles. Can you imagine how I felt when that happened? I felt like I didn't fit in, like the black sheep. They didn't accept my attitude, no They accepted me as a person, they did not make me feel welcome. I was different, I had a different face, I was not blond, I did not have white skin like the Swedes. I suffered in the sense that it was not as easy for me as it was for others. I felt I had to do ten times as much to be seen as everyone else ", said Ibra in January 2018 in an interview with Canal + France.

James is one of the most politically active players in the current NBA. Very critical of Donald Trump and his racist attitudes, LeBron helped Joe Biden defeat the last president of the United States in the November elections. He did so through the More Than a Vote platform, which informed and helped citizens, mainly African Americans, to vote. It also recruited hundreds of people to help with the elections.

"Shut up and dribble"

A position that the Swedish striker seems to dislike. “What he does is phenomenal, yet I don't like it when people of any kind of status talk about politics. You do what you are good at. I play soccer because I am the best playing soccer. I don't do politics. If I were a politician, I would go into politics. This is the first mistake celebrities make when they feel they have arrived. For me, it is better to stay away from these issues and do what you are good at, otherwise you risk not making a good impression, ”he said in an interview with Discovery + Sport Sweden.

Those kinds of words don't sound strange to LeBron. Two years ago, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham attacked both James and Kevin Durant following their criticism of Trump's policies. Mainly, regarding racial injustice. "Shut up and dribble (shut up and dribble)," snapped the journalist from the conservative network: don't get involved in politics, just play basketball. Same as Ibrahimovic, albeit with different music.

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