Last call to the sacred cows

Koeman asks them to push the youngsters, lead Barça and fight for LaLiga. Elche, riding the wave of Escribá (19:00, Mov. LaLiga).


The goring of Cádiz hurt as much or more than that of PSG in Can Barça. These days, the Blaugrana people can forgive the team for its lack of hierarchy in Europe. And even some incapacity of the players. Because their best years are over or simply because they don't give more of themselves. But where the partner no longer passes is due to laziness; and that's what they swallowed against Cádiz, until Álex Fernández drew. So the players have been on their own, much more so than their coach, Ronald Koeman. Elche de Escribá arrives at the Camp Nou, which we will talk about later, to recover the postponed match of the first day (follow the match live on Today's lineup will make Koeman's patience with his team very clear. There are players, on whom it is not necessary to return, who need an immediate step on the bench. But Koeman has a problem if he wants to impose an exemplary punishment with the eleven. The performance of the players who came off the bench against Cádiz (Pjanic, Trincão, Riqui Puig, Braithwaite) was depressing. While waiting for Araújo, Ansu and even the sentenced Coutinho, he will have to control himself with the taking of drastic measures.

So the Dutchman, who saw so many press conferences from Cruyff in his six years at Barça, decided to change tactics and focus yesterday on the sacred cows. You have to get wet and pull the car. Give energy to young people, stop pulling the shirt once as they have been doing a good time. And he mentioned them all: Piqué, Sergi Roberto, Alba, Busquets, Messi. The so-called leaders of the locker room who have won it all are the ones who must lift the team or, at least, not intoxicate it so that it falls at the first push.

And now yes, Elche, the only team that has two less games in LaLiga; and in which Almirón was left without strength. You had to call a wise man who knew the house and that is Escribá, who won and got Eibar into trouble. His first decisions are well reflected in this newspaper by our analyst Javier Sillés. Guti (21) and Marcone (20) reached the highest pressure figures of the season. It is a team that wants to bite. And who has his weapons. Lucas Boyé, Josan, Rigoni ... His example is Cádiz. And, in addition, this time Barça has pressure. And not the one with the points. Also that of its people, who are up to their cap even though no one hears it at Camp Nou.

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