Laso, on the headdresses: "Those who worry the most, Garuba and Taylor"

These are Pablo Laso's considerations after his team's tortuous victory against Movistar Estudiantes in the Madrid derby.


Pablo Laso, Real Madrid coach, explained after his team's victory against Movistar Estudiantes by 65-79 that they knew it was going to be a "very difficult and complicated" match that, in his opinion, was resolved by good defensive work of his players and his improvement in attack in the second half.

"In the first half we had a very low shooting percentage and we improved a lot in the second. Defensively the work has been good throughout the game, although we lacked a bit of offensive rhythm and in the second quarter they were superior ", he explained at the press conference.

He considered that they were facing a "strange" derby since while the schoolboys have only been able to play one game in the last forty days, his team has played nine in the last three weeks, "although they are the things of the calendar and we have them to accept ".

"Our staging has been very good and we have achieved an advantage that with his stretch we have lost, but our second half was very serious offensively and defensively," added the coach from Vitoria, who this Sunday equaled Lolo Sainz as coach with most games in the history of the Real Madrid basketball section, reaching 734. 444 444Finally, when asked how his team got to the Copa del Rey, he replied that from the physical point of view he could not answer because this Sunday two other players -Usman Garuba and Jeffery Taylor- withdrew touched and will have to wait for medical tests . "We have to see the rest. I hope they are well, we will see how Usman and Jeff are, who are the ones that concern me the most because Rudy [Fernández], Nico [Laprovittola] and [Sergio] Llull I hope they can rejoin", concluded

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