Laso: "If Madrid want me to continue and I too, this will be very easy"

The white coach is satisfied after the victory against Zalgiris and surprised by not having taken a free kick: "I had never seen him before."


Pablo Laso, Real Madrid coach, highlighted the defensive work of his team, which he described as "magnificent", and was at least surprised by the fact that they had not taken a single free kick in the entire game.

"It was a very difficult game, as we already presumed, and our defensive work has been magnificent, even on the rebound. We have had control of the game. Offensively we have not had as much fluidity, not so much because of the shooting errors, but because of turnovers, some very avoidable, "said Laso.

The game was vital to avoid getting into trouble in the fight for the playoffs. "For me all the Euroleague matches are very important, and although I say it is one more match, I am clear that as we get closer to the end they seem to have more value. All the teams are playing things, but the most important thing has been to recover. the feeling of dominating the game, "he said.

Madrid did not shoot a single free kick in the entire match. "I had never seen it. They have given me a fact that Maccabi in the Red Star field in the 16-17 season did not throw any either. It is quite clear," he observed.

The coach also spoke of his more than possible continuity in the team for the next two seasons. "I can't say much, comment again on the feeling that if Madrid want me to continue and I too, this will be very easy. The work team is fantastic and if the two want to understand each other, it is normal for them to understand each other," he concluded Pablo Laso.

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