Las Palmas scraps Cartagena in five minutes

In Jesé's debut, goals from Mesa and Pejiño were enough in the first half. Forget the three defeats in a row and get Cartagena in more trouble.


Well soon Las Palmas did his homework at the expense of a lazy Cartagena. In the deut of Jesé, the game was sentenced in the first half to Gran Canaria's rejoicing, which avoids greater evils, the "typhoon", which Pepe Mel referred to in the previous one, cutting his streak of three consecutive defeats. Meanwhile, the Levantine formation does not manage to take flight, as gripped as it seems by the pressure of the descent.

A case pressed by the urgent need to leave nothing behind after three consecutive defeats, it is not that Cartagena was less interested, Las Palmas came out much more connected to the game. And that Cartagena was striving for high pressure, but Pepe Mel's hosts were gathering patience to pierce the black and white rock,

The first chance of the Gran Canaria team came very early, just in minute 2, but the kick from the front of the area by Maikel Mesa, not even a premonition, went over the goal of Chichizola.

He continued to dominate Las Palmas in the face of Cartagena's candor, which could only cost him dearly. Araujo was very close to opening the scoring when, in minute 11, he controlled with his chest a corner taken by Díez, and the subsequent shot did not slip into the rival goal due to Navas' expertise. The yellow domain received its prize shortly after, in the 13th, when a clear penalty by the hand of Aburjania was masterfully transformed, a la Panenka, by Maikel Mesa.

In a few minutes of madness Pejiño celebrated his return to ownership, about to reach the 20th minute, he walked along the front of the visiting area to launch a powerful left-footed shot that, after touching Navas, sneaked into the goal of Cartagena. This is how 2-0 ended, a match totally controlled for the moment by Las Palmas.

Luis Carrión's pupils fell apart, as all the work prior to this game was worth nothing. Meanwhile, Pepe Mel's men were limited to holding the result, which was about to get complicated when, in the 41st minute, a free kick by De Blasis miraculously did not end in Domínguez's goal after touching Ale Díez.

The conservative work of Las Palmas in the second half was undoubtedly facilitated by the naivety of Cartagena, unable to generate any danger in the opposite area. If anyone could or deserved to score it was, in fact, the crazy formation. Thus, in minute 62 ', Maikel Mesa burst the ball with a powerful volley from the edge of the Chichizola area, but the Argentine goalkeeper was more than attentive to send the ball to a corner.

Shortly after, in the 66th, a foul thrown by Ale Díez, a dagger from the right wing, ended in a point-blank goal by Curbelo after Chichizola's rejection, but the VAR took action to annul the goal due to a previous offside . A goal that Jesé also quickly sought, although without luck, who had entered for Rafa Mujica. Despite good intentions and better disposition, insistent the search for the redeeming goal, the star signing of the last winter market in the Second Division showed a logical lack of competitive rhythm.

The second part ended like this, almost inert. Without problems for Las Palmas against a willful but not very effective Cartagena. Pepe Mel was right in the previous one when he said that it could seem that Rubén Castro was 89 minutes without scoring and scoring a goal in 30 seconds. No guesswork, the Gran Canaria striker didn't make it 2-1 if it weren't for Álex Domínguez, at the gates of the U21, who touched the ball just enough so that the small forward had no clear shot option.

It took Las Palmas five minutes in the first half to heal wounds after three consecutive defeats. It also marks the distance with that descent that grips Cartagena so much that it cannot get out of the well.

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