Laporta is committed to playing two and a half years in Montjuïc to accelerate the works

The presidential candidate explained that the construction in phases would extend the completion of the construction "to six years" and "would not guarantee a few months to march either.


Joan Laporta has decided to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the club at the new Camp Nou, but to achieve this major challenge he would have to leave the stadium for a few years to play in Montjuïc. Before making any decision, the former president announced that he would commission a due diligence to find out the real status of Espai Barça, although he already announced that the current budget of 825 million will fall short and that the Palau Blaugrana will also need an increase in the planned capacity, 10,000 people, if you want to host the 'final four' of the Euroleague.

"It is the most important and emblematic project of the club in the next hundred years and we have to do it very well. The big decision is to know if we will be able to play at the Camp Nou during the years of construction or we will have to go to another stadium. We are going to five or six years if we do it in phases and not continuously. We still have to decide if we go two and a half years to play outside the Camp Nou or do it in phases. We would like to have Espai Barça coincide with 125 anniversary in 2024, although it would be forcing the machine. It could only be if we leave the Camp Nou. It opens up great uncertainty to do it in phases because we would go easy at six years old. The experts assure us that it could be seven years or more " , Laporta explained during his presentation about Espai Barça.

The candidate regretted that in his day those responsible for the club rejected his project: "Some opponents are already very involved in renovating their stadiums. We made the mistake of rejecting the project that I presented in 2010. We have to accept it, but it is about of a first order need. We will not make any decision until we know the audit and the due diligence on Espai Barça. They told us that they would not take our project for expensive. It was 230 million. And that in two years they would get the agreement signed with the City Council and from what we know after ten years we still don't have it ".

He also announced that the 825 million budget for the works could have become obsolete: "The budget is now 825 million euros, but it is not yet final. There is a loan agreement with Goldman Sachs for this amount to be repaid in 30 years and that it has to be ratified in the Assembly. We do not think this credit is bad due to the way it is presented. But we believe that it has fallen short and that Espai Barça will cost more ".

Y announced that the project for the new Palau Blaugrana will need a major modification because "we could not play the final four at home with the current approach. With 10,000 seats we are enough to play the Euroleague but not the final four. The project of 90 million euros is it will shoot to increase the capacity ".

On the words of Jordi Cruyff supporting his candidacy, the former president was proud: "I liked that Johan's son remembered his father and said what he said, It is an honor and pride. I have a lot of friendship with Jordi. He is a man prepared, with great capacities, he has a lot of world, he has made himself. He is an asset of Barcelona. "

Laporta, who did not want to answer Víctor Font's words that he was "lying in the hammock" while others were actively participating to kick Josep Maria Bartomeu, described as "opportunistic" to assure that Barcelona lost to Sevilla because they did not have to Eric García: "I maintain that for economic coherence, you can come for free this summer, and for sporting coherence, sending a message to La Masia, that the players who leave here cannot come paying the club. It is very advantageous to say that we have lost to Sevilla because Eric García is not there. And the tie has not yet been lost. It is difficult, but it is not impossible ".

He made it clear that since he denounced PSG's lack of respect for the signing of Messi, no person with active responsibility for the club has spoken more about Leo, "other things are players and journalists."

Finally, he explained that since his candidacy a maximum effort will be made to boost sponsors and income: "Fifteen important sponsors that between this year and next end their contract. Beko disappears team jersey and will only be in the training jersey. We are not in the 'top 10' sponsorship. We have 29 sponsors, very few compared to other clubs, such as Manchester United, which has 38 ".

He also wanted to rethink the 'name rights' in order to be able to distribute them between the Camp Nou, the Palau and the Ciutat Esportiva, in addition to promoting the supporter's card, which will cost 30 euros, and will allow a series of advantages in the entrances to their holders.

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