Lakers shrink water without Davis to beat Timberwolves

Marc, LeBron and Harrell took responsibility to cover the loss of Anthony Davis and achieve a victory marked as a single on the schedule.


First game since the blow of being without Davis for a few weeks due to a leg injury that worries about his delicacy. The Lakers are the current champions and they have to show the resources that have earned them such a title and they did so in Minnesota against some Timberwolves who have even more tears to shed. The 2020 Draft number one, Anthony Edwards, had to turn his back on his team against LeBron James himself to try to fight the game, but the old man taught the young man.

The Wolves have also been without D'Angelo Russell for at least a month and a half. With Towns picking up his pace, commending himself to any saint was the least you could do when watching the Lakers arrive at the pavilion. The Californians controlled the game well and took the victory 104-112.

It was not Kuzma, more timid than normal in him, who took advantage of the ownership to devastate. It had to be Gasol and Harrell on the inside and LeBron in the task of absolute reference in attack who filled the gap that Davis has left. Special mention also to the contribution of Schröder, who failed in the last match and who did damage tonight going up and he knew how to stop Ricky Rubio going down. Rookie Edwards set his best record and continues his progress.

Ricky started with a triple, the only one made by him on this date. His German rival divided possessions with LeBron at the start of the game and with it began the give and take. It was Edwards who brought together all the ball in the local team, with the clear slogan in mind of going to the basket like a dagger, something that is making it clear that he knows how to do very well. I put them in. Schröder was also in his sauce. LeBron, pounding. Defenses weren't playing any role in the opening minutes, the level rising as time went by.

Towns was the one who took the baton in the second period. With him scoring the advantage went up for his team. With Marc Gasol resting, something that is not by chance, the player of Dominican origin took over the area and inflated his numbers and those of his franchise. Eight had four minutes to go before the break. Marc Gasol's return and comeback: they went to the changing rooms with the visitors already above.

Minnesota made it clear that it was not going to give up. They have nothing to lose. A couple of triples from Edwards and Beasley put them back in orbit midway through the third quarter and also thanks to Rubio's direction. It had to be at the end of the game knocking on the door when Morris and LeBron connected shots to counteract the triples that kept falling on the other side and Harrell was even more excited than normal. Arreón to put the Angelenos with an already substantial advantage with half a quarter to go. That's where the locals were hesitant. It would be Marc, with a triple corner, who would put the lace.

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