Laia Sanz opens with good feelings in the cars

The Catalan, along with Lucas Cruz, came to lead the first stage of Baja Dubai in which she competes with an SSV as part of her training program for the Extreme E.

Laia Sanz started with good sensations in Baja Dubai, in her premiere on the four wheels of the Can Am 'side by side' with which she competes, as part of her training program for the Extreme E, and in which she leads Lucas Cruz as co-pilot. The pair had a brilliant start, overtaking several vehicles and leading the classification of their category, but 60 kilometers from the end of the 192 special, the problems began for Sanz and Cruz. And this is how the pilot explains it after getting off the SSV: “We were going very well, but then we started to have some problems, we think electrical problems, because the car was failing us a bit, and in one of these we suffered a small roll over in slow motion. on a dune. Luckily, we were able to turn the Can-Am quite quickly, but later on a shield broke and we had to stop for repairs. There we have lost a lot of time. I'm very happy, because everything was going very well, I was getting on well with Lucas, I had a feeling and I was picking up pace. I'll stick with that. ””

At the end, the Catalan couple resumed their march to complete the 192 timed kilometers of the special and reach the finish line in fifth position in the T4 category, 1h 18'07 ”behind the first. In the general, they occupy fourth place, due to a 35-hour sanction on the Saudi Saleh Alsaif.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Laia Sanz will have another opportunity to continue adding kilometers of experience on four wheels in the second and last stage of Baja Dubai, which will consist of 214 kilometers, of which 194 will be timed.

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