La Vasca suspends three days of First and Second

It clings to sanitary reasons. Marejadilla among some clubs due to the lack of communication from Sautu as soon as he took the reins of the Federation. A survey measures the intentions of clubs.


The first days of Sautu as head of the Basque Federation are proving difficult. He took office on Wednesday and the first thing he has done is to appoint Roberto Asensio as the new Director of Arbitration of the FVB and also president of the Basque Referee Committee, replacing Rubén Sánchez Mohedas, who has held the position these four years. The following is to suspend the competitions for the next three days. "Taking into account the current situation caused by the pandemic, especially complicated in some of the Communities, and not knowing its possible evolution, the Basque, Riojana and Navarra Basketball Federations have made the decision to suspend the days of the three weekends that February remains, corresponding to the men's and women's First and Second Division competitions ", the FVB points out through a note. It is the intention of the three federations to resume competitions as soon as possible, "being aware of the complicated situation in which we find ourselves". The Basque Junior and Cadet Leagues in the female and male category also cease unilaterally.

The decision has been accompanied by a survey that has been sent to the Basque clubs to find out their idea for the future, and if they would be willing to compete again or not, if they see it as viable and if it would be best to remove the status of semi-professionals . But many argue that this is not a competence of the Basque Federation but of the Basque Government, which is a higher authority. "The new president's program alluded to the fact that the presidentialism of the previous stage was not going to be incurred, but the first thing that has been done is this resolution without communication with those involved. There was also talk of giving back the voice to the clubs, but we don't perceive it ", claims Carlos Madrid, president of Getxo. This maintains that the protocols until now were being correct, without contagions in the field of the competition, since these were only arriving through external contacts to the matches.

"We are surprised and worried", argues Madrid, who claims that a series of clubs are mobilizing to protest the Basque decision. "The minimum would be a telematic meeting of all to reach a common point." Getxo had everything organized for the match against the Navarrese Aranguren Mutilbasket this day and has had to back off the preparations. Based on the responses to the survey sent, it will be decided whether the competitions are retaken. Until the suspension of the days, Getxo was undefeated, with six wins. The unknown is if the leagues are not resumed in the end. Three aspiring projects would be considered to be promoted to the EBA and it could be the case that Bilbao Basket, by club project, would occupy a gap that has not given it sporting merit.

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