La Real dreams of an impossible

The txuri-urdin team will try to wash its image and if it can look for something else, in the 'theater of dreams'. Imanol has left Silva and Carlos Fernández in Donostia aIllarramendi.


"It is impossible ... said pride. It is risky ... said experience. It makes no sense ... said reason. Try it ... whispered the heart." This famous phrase can perfectly summarize the state of mind with which Real Sociedad faces the second leg of these round of 32 of the Europa League against Manchester United (follow the match live on After 0-4 in the first leg (in Turin, even if the San Sebastian were local), all is lost. Or so they say reason. The heart, which is the basis of all sports fans, still leaves a small space for hope. Especially for the most optimistic. No matter how small, you always dream of your team starring in one of those feats that are later remembered over the years. That is what the Real will look for at Old Trafford, to achieve what seems impossible. And there seems to be no better setting for daydreaming than the mythical 'theater of dreams'.

However, do not be fooled too much by the heart, and in this case pay more attention to the head. After what was seen in the game of the week, this Real is still far from this United, especially in the physical section. The potential of the 'Red Devils' was so enormous that it almost ridiculed the people of Donostia. So the objective should be, perhaps, less ambitious than to think about going back through the tie. The first challenge is to compete with this Manchester at home, with what that entails. Because except for a few isolated minutes, in Turin he was not able. Imanol and his boys have decided to wash their image, to show the whole football world that they are not so far from the English team. If you manage to take that first step, you may be presented with the opportunity at some point in the game to get back into the tie. And if you take advantage of it, then there will be options. It sounds like a joke, but it will be necessary to go with that thought, because the heart attends to reasons that reason cannot understand.

The message that is thrown at him from the dressing room is that from the corner of his eye he is looking at the visit to Valdebebas next Monday. With the 'pescao sold' in Manchester, or so the scoreboard reflects before starting the second leg, Imanol has left his captain, Illarramendi, in Donostia; its main player, David Silva; and to Carlos Fernández, with whom he did not want to risk the least despite being recovered from his injury. It is quite evident what goes through Imanol's head. Therefore, it is not ruled out that he makes rotations in the starting eleven and that some of the so-called main references of the team stay on the bench. Monreal, Oyarzabal and Portu aim to rest. Januzaj will start, in which it will be his return to what was his home years ago. And Isak too, unless Imanol surprises with Bautista. Small details that become a message and reflect that, if the Real wants to dream, they are going to do it in a moderate way, lest the dream end as a nightmare in Turin.

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