"Ricciardo knows how to win, which is something Sainz doesn't have"

"Daniel's arrival is very good, as he will bring fresh ideas and help us move forward," says Lando Norris of his new teammate at McLaren.


12 days. This is the time that remains, if no team on the grid reduces it even more in the coming days, for fans of the Gran Circo to contemplate the first car that will compete in the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship. An honor that this year will go to McLaren, paradoxically the team that has had to make the biggest changes this winter to the rear of the MCL35 to adapt it to the architecture of the Mercedes power unit.

On Monday, February 15 at 20:00 peninsular time, an event will take place at the Woking factory where, in addition to analyzing the main lines of the new James Key machine to continue leading the middle zone of the championship, one of the main attractions It will be to see Daniel Ricciardo dressed for the first time in a papaya orange jumpsuit.

Norris points out the main difference between Ricciardo and Sainz

Asked by his new partner, Lando Norris, who this Tuesday visited the building located in the southeast of Great Britain for the first time after overcoming COVID-19 to see first-hand the latest news about the MCL35M , points out in 'Motorsport-Total' that the Australian will contribute new ideas that will help the engineers to continue reducing the disadvantage that separates them with respect to Mercedes: "Daniel's arrival is very good, as he will bring fresh ideas and help us to move forward. It will also be positive to work with someone different, learn from him, fight against a driver who has won and people say he is one of the best on the grid. So it is a good opportunity for me to compare myself with him and work by his side ".

In this sense, Norris points out that the main difference between Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz is that the Perth driver won seven races with Red Bull and knows exactly what a car needs to achieve this milestone: "Daniel will bring us a different perspective in many respects I'm sure some of your comments will be similar to Carlos' because he had also driven for Renault and there are probably many similar characteristics. A lot of what he had discussed with Carlos was when he was driving a Renault, the team acted like this and how they reacted to the different circumstances. A lot of the knowledge that the drivers have is because they had worked in other teams. Daniel has worked at Red Bull, he knows how to win races and what the car needs to do so.

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