"I keep the ambition of the team"

JIM emphasizes that the players were somewhat sad for not achieving victory and that adding is always good: "There are four points in two starts and we must make them good against Alcorcón."


Juan Ignacio Martínez highlights that his team has had ambition until the last minute to win the three points of the Nova Creu Alta and points out that he leaves with the feeling that the game was quite controlled and that it has finally been decided in a minimum detail: "The draw comes in a fortuitous draw because they are hands that can be avoided and then in a minute we go from sadness to possible joy, but their goalkeeper has made a magnificent save" .

Assessment: “We knew about the Sabadell game, deep and vertical. We have always tried to control it and we have been lucky to get ahead on the scoreboard. The tie comes in a fortuitous penalty because they are hands that can often be avoided. We went from sadness to possible joy in a minute. It was Narváez's birthday, but the Sabadell goalkeeper made a magnificent save. Above all, I am left with the team's ambition, both in the time remaining in the game and because of the changes we have made on the hour. When you enter the dressing room you realize that ambition, that the player was a bit sad because we could have gotten all three points. ”

Not close the game: “It's not easy because they have possession. Maybe we have lacked that pause and that first pass well given, since when we have done it, we have caused them a lot of damage, but we cannot subtract merits from what Sabadell has done. More than forgiving, they have been the successes. It is true that you leave with the feeling that you had quite a bit of control over the game and that Sabadell have not had many chances to score, but they are moments and the match is decided by a minimal detail ”.

Worst minutes: “In those game alternatives, maybe you disconnect the team a bit, but I don't think it was because of James' change. At that moment you go with the favorable result and in the end the circumstances are what many times make it seem that the team is deflating, but I believe that the team has had ambition until the last minute ”.

What does the point know ?: “I am very ambitious and I want to win, but we have added four points in these two starts. Within ambition, in the situation we find ourselves in, we must not be excessive, but we must be consistent and sensible, and adding is always good. We maintain the 'goal average' and that is also important. We have achieved four points in two starts and we will have to make them good against Alcorcón ”.

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