Joventut fall in Monaco and it is difficult to finish first

La Penya would have obtained their ticket to the Eurocup quarterfinals with a win against Monaco, but Duran's men fell by 15 points after a poor third quarter (22-13).


Joventut let his first chance to qualify mathematically for the quarterfinals of the European Championship in Monaco when they lost (97-82) to AS Monaco who, in addition, snatched the first position for the basket average.

The Monegasques passed over La Penya in a terrible second half of the green and black, who could not match the intensity in the game of their rival, which had in O'Brien (21 points), Gray (23 points) and Bost (17 points) to its lethal triplet.

Monaco's 16 turnovers and 11 offensive rebounds were a drag on Carles Duran's men, who were again very poor in defense and conceded 51 points in the second half.

Nenad Dimitrijevic (15 points) and Joel Parra (14 points) were the most successful green and black.

The first room was a roller coaster. Joventut started with a 0-10, with triples by López-Arostegui and Bassas, and Monaco responded with a 21-4 that put seven up (21-14, min. 8) with Knight and Gray sharing the most points .

Finished fourth ahead of Penya (22-23) after Dimitrijevic and López-Arostegui added seven consecutive points.

In the second quarter, Joventut extended their lead to five points (26-31, min. 13) with Joel Parra unleashed in attack, but poor defense over Bost and Grat allowed Monaco to come back on the scoreboard and go to rest one up (46-45) .

The Joventut began to falter in the third period. He got stuck in attack with five points in the first six minutes and his poor defense gave wings to Monaco, which, led by Bost and Ndoye, went up to 12 points ahead (62-50, min. 26).With Tomic sitting on the bench for fouls and Pau Ribas far from his best form, La Penya was left at the mercy of his rival, with O'Brien intractable in attack.

The green and black regained the lost ground with Morgan right on the triple and Parra scoring with confidence (71-67, min. 34), but they did not find a way to stop Bost and O'Brien and Monaco went to a maximum difference of thirteen points (83-70, min. 36) .

The only thing left for Joventut to save the 'basket average' to retain the lead, but the Monegasques continued to take advantage of the green-black's defensive irregularity and their errors in the defensive rebound to stretch the lead to 15 points (90-75, min. 38 ) that he would hold until the end of the match.

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