Jesé regains his smile

The Gran Canaria winger had his first minutes in the yellow jersey, in which he showed good manners despite his lack of rhythm.

Before Cartagena came the moment that many wanted and, after two weeks of preparation against the clock to catch up, doing both individual training sessions and with the rest of his teammates, Jesé Rodríguez smiled again as a professional footballer hand in hand with the team from his homeland after his abrupt termination of contract in December with PSG.

With the 9 on his back, the galactic signing of the islands in this winter market showed this Saturday that he has not come to Las Palmas for a walk and that he will try to add his individual talent to the collective good. He was seen with motivation, hunger and enthusiasm in the 20 minutes in which he had the opportunity to participate against Cartagena, jumping onto the pitch in the 70th minute for Rafa Mujica.

In fact, it did not take long for him to show his desire to please and shortly after entering the field of play, in less than a minute, he already starred in his first dangerous action with a shot from outside the area, which went quite wide of the goal defended by Chichizola. And so well-intentioned, despite a logical lack of rhythm after not competing for so long, he continued during the minutes he had with two other occasions, one with a shot with his left leg that was bitten, after a deep pass , and another with a dead ball inside the area that did not hit when he finished off in conditions.

About the sensations of its premiere, Jesé himself spoke on the club's official radio at the end of the match, commenting that "I am happy because playing football is always a joy, and more so in my hometown team, thanks to the opportunity of club and the coach. The most important thing is that he has won, which is what we are looking for ", to add that, as for his state of form," I have advanced more than expected. I should have started playing next week, but I have done a lot of training and I am taking care of myself very much. We decided it with the coach, who is the one in charge. I am leaving with good feelings and happy because he won ".

Now, after this hopeful debut, accompanied by a balsamic victory, the Lomo Blanco player has before him the opportunity to prove his worth as a professional in the next 17 games that remain of the season, with the aim of leading the yellows to the dispute of the long-awaited playoff that, right now, is six points away from the end of the day. Next stop: Castellón.

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