Jesé already suffers in the category: the bottom runner overcomes Las Palmas

Marc Mateu, Jorge Fernández and Rubén Díez, twice, cut the losing streak and take the Albinegros momentarily from the last place.


El Castellón added three gold points and had their best match of the Juan Carlos Garrido stage against Las Palmas in Castalia. The Albinegros were unleashed in the sixth meeting with the Valencian coach, after four consecutive defeats, with an imposing victory against a rival called for more. Marc Mateu, Jorge Fernández and Rubén Díez, twice, cut the losing streak and take the Albinegros momentarily from the last place. Óscar Whalley, brilliant during the match, left a clean sheet saving a penalty in the final minutes.

El Castellón started with a very clear plan: they gave the ball to Las Palmas without complexes and defended in a mid-low block. Those of Pepe Mel, meanwhile, tried to generate football from behind, but with sterile possessions. The albinegros accumulated troops behind the ball waiting for the failure and jumped to the counter led by the speed of César Díaz.

The tension was palpable in Castalia and the Murcian Sánchez López, debutant this year in the Second Division, set the bar very low to show a card. The goal was also a nonsense, with the VAR finally favoring the locals in a very doubtful play. One hands of video refereeing. Marc Mateu put a ball in the area from the band and the referee, after being called by the VAR, whistled a penalty after Bodiger's comb. The left-hander was in charge of sending it to the network. A few minutes later, Jorge Fernández, one of the highlights of the first half, was able to put land in the middle, but he did not decide well on the counter, already in superiority facing Domínguez's goal.

Things would get even worse for Las Palmas. In just three minutes, from 23 to 26, Araujo shot himself in the foot and left his team with one less. The first for knocking down Bodiger, in all the sauces, more doubtful than the second, very clear, for stopping Rubén Díez from behind. The canaries in inferiority and below the scoreboard in less than half an hour of play and with very little happened. In the first half with more cards than football. In total, including the second to Araujo, Sánchez López showed up to seven yellows. Five of them for Pepe Mel's painting.

After the break, Mel made two starting changes to protect two of his cautioned players. The Madrid coach did not want any more negative surprises in the form of expulsion and tried to nip the problem at its roots by replacing Castellanos and Muijca.

The bench movements gave a certain air to the yellows, who continued with their line of starting the game from far behind. Castellón did not change his idea either, even with one more, waiting for the rival error. César Díaz squeezed the pivot in his back reception and Jorge Fernández, this time yes, killed the counter. Jesé and Kirian to the field in response. César, key in the second goal, and captain from Albinegro, left his place to Arturo Molina when he fell lying on the injured field. Their participation was already fundamental.

This time, the error in defense was from Castellón and Jesé was close to surprising Whalley in his first intervention, but the goalkeeper was quick under sticks to get a prodigious hand to the strong shot, something centered, yes, of the '9' of the YOU. The flashy signing did not think about it in his first actions, but its effect was diluted with the passing of the minutes. He still has a world ahead of him in physical appearance to even resemble a bit what he once was.

It was Castellón that put the finishing touches. Arturo, just entered, received from Rubén on the right side and intentionally put it at the heart of the area so that the Aragonese midfielder shot with the left. The plant, as Garrido said in the previous one, began to appear after not stopping watering it based on his ideas. The plan did not change with the first goal, the expulsion, or the third. Rubén Díez and Mateu connected again to make the fourth. Castellón, finally, was unleashed in Castalia. Whalley, brilliant during the game, took the goal of honor from the penalty spot.

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