Jasikevicius: "We had a great game"

The coach, very satisfied after the bulky victory against Zalgiris, highlighted the "collective spirit" and "great mentality" with which it was played.


The Barça coach, Sarunas Jasikevicius, described the match in which his team defeated Zalgiris de Kaunas as a "great game", of which he said that despite giving "a lot of respect" his team "managed to complicate things a lot" .

The Barça coach acknowledged that what he was "most satisfied" with with his team's performance was "the collective spirit" shown by his players, something he said "should always be there." Jasikevicius highlighted "the great mentality" with which his team played that led to a "spectacular" second half. He said his team "entered the game well" and that when "we controlled the defensive rebound we ran very well" .

The Barça coach said that one of the "keys" to the loose defeat was that Lithuanian guard Thomas Walkup had "many problems" last night when he "ate something" that did not sit well with him and that Zalgiris without his contest is "in a different team". This allowed us to see a duel between "the two best young guards in Europe", the Lithuanian Rokas Jokubaitis and the Argentine Leandro Bolmaro. "It was like seeing the future. I love you both very much," said Jasikevicius.

Photos from as.com
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