Januzaj points to Van Gaal for his failure at United: "I didn't have the right coach"

The Real player will meet his former team again in the Europa League. It is clear that he was wrong to renew with those of Old Trafford before the arrival of the Dutchman.


Next Thursday, Real will face Manchester United in the Europa League. A high-flying game that will be very special for Januzaj, who was owned by the English club between 2013 and 2017. But the Belgian actually played two and a half seasons at United. His stay was not extended and he is clear why. "I don't have to show anyone, I know my qualities. I don't have to show anyone how good I am, I just have to believe in myself, play my games and be happy," Januzaj explains in an interview on ESPN when asked If the duel against United will help him to vindicate himself before his former team.

"I am very happy to be back there, the club I love. Once I am on the field, there will be no friends because obviously I am playing for another club now and I also want to win the game. I want to go through the tie with my team. I am very happy to go back there to see the people, but once I am in the field there will be no friends, "he says. Januzaj did not catch on at United and after a year and a half he left, first for Dortmund and then for Sunderland, before signing for Real. He does not hide that he regrets some things, but he believes that if Van Gaal had not crossed his path, it could have been different. David Moyes had been the great supporter of Januzaj on his arrival at United, he was counting on him, but everything changed when the Dutchman took the reins.

"I had Ferguson and David Moyes, coaches who believed in me, but then others came and wanted more experience, I was a child, and when you are a child you have to shut up and do what people tell you to do. I didn't have the right coach to push me. For example, when Van Gaal arrived, I was playing a game of six, so it was difficult and I thought 'what am I doing here?' In the first season with Moyes I was having options to show myself. At Manchester United the most disappointing thing was that I was not playing, "he says.

Van Gaal did not trust Januzaj and the Belgian found that he had decided to renew before his arrival, his biggest mistake. "If at that moment I could have chosen to leave the club the year before they arrived, I would have done so. If I had known that they would not believe in me I would not have renewed, I would have left. At that moment I just wanted to leave. I did not want to leave yielded, I wanted to be sold, so it was a difficult situation. Everything is experiences and I know I will not make that mistake again, "says the player.

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