Isak closes Turin wound against Alavés

The hat-trick of the Swede and another goal from Portu increase the European options for the Donostiarras and dismantle a team from Vitoria that only lasted until 1-0 and gets more into the mess.


Alexander Isak closed with a stroke of the pen the wound that had opened at the Royal Society in Turin with the slap received by Manchester United. More than a stroke of the pen, he did it with a hat-trick, the first he has done in the Spanish league, something that shows his exceptional form, scoring 12 goals and breaking the record for consecutive games scoring for Real de Aldridge and Kovavecic . They scored eight goals in six consecutive games, the Swede has scored nine. Major Words.

Isak struck down a weak Alavés with effectiveness, who held out well until his first goal, but then fell apart incomprehensibly, with gifts in defense that he cannot afford if he does not want to go through trouble from below. Along with Isak, David Silva highlighted, finally recovered for the realistic cause, demonstrating that when he is given a little air to breathe, he invents passes that only his privileged vision of the game is capable of seeing. Portu closed a win in which Merino and Oyarzabal also served their prominence with home-brand goal passes. In this way, Real showed personality to get up from the setback suffered in Turin and presented its candidacy for the Champions League, while Alavés will have to react as soon as possible because they have received nine goals in two days, and relegation looms dangerously.

The match started as expected. Alavés well retracted, waiting behind to launch daggers against Deyverson, Córdoba and Joselu. And Real Sociedad taking the initiative with the ball, trying to dominate their rival with possession and again with advanced defense, without complexes, constantly looking for the goal of their rival. He did not seem to have the doubts expected by the tantorantán he received in Turin three days ago. On the contrary, he wanted to reveal himself against himself and his own image, as if saying that what happened against Manchester United is not the true measure as a team. But he found an intense Alavés and that little by little, as the minutes passed, he went in search of the Real, pressing up his ball exit and making his game very difficult.

In fact, that pressure from Abelardo's team began to bear fruit, because the first approaches with relative danger were carried out by Alavés, with very dangerous crosses from Córdoba from the left and Deyverson shots stopped by Remiro. La Real tried to control the game, but it was very thick, it could not find passing lines and in the final meters it showed that it was stuck. Although when Silva or Merino threw the team, they connected with the line of three and generated uncertainty. But the last pass was missing. Until Merino connected with Isak.

The game languished and came somewhat sad at halftime, with Real a bit desperate and Alavés comfortable in their defensive plot. But the Navarrese drew a masterful pass that crossed the sky of Donostia, surpassing Laguardia and leaving only Alexander Isak in front of Pacheco. The 'Swedish Txipiron' did not fail and entered history. Sixth day in a row scoring, to match the magic number that only two other forwards had achieved in the San Sebastian club: Aldridge and Kovacevic. With that goal, the Real came ahead to rest. Alavés had to row against the current.

The Vitorian team was forced after the break by that goal by Isak in the late first half. He wanted to take a step forward, leaving more spaces between the lines and, above all, behind his defense. And that was his undoing. Needs are never good counselors. And less if you have the Real in front of you, an expert in crushing rivals if you leave three-quarters in line spaces and if you allow him to run. David Silva perfectly read this new situation and started his festival. His and Alexander Isak's, who left through the front door with three goals, closing the wound opened by Manchester United in Turin with a stroke of the pen. First it was a wonderful pass between the lines from Silva that Isak took advantage of to fuse Pacheco. With 2-0 the game seemed over, because Real was 'on fire' and Alavés seemed to be lowering their arms with very serious defensive errors. Later, the canary enabled Oyarzabal to speed down the left wing and his center was finished off at the goal by Isak. One, two and three. Swede's first hat-trick in LaLiga.

But not happy with that, Silva returned to make a fantastic individual action in three-quarter line to leave a clear advantage to Portu, who had finally scored again from December 31 in a good driving and better definition. With the match already closed, Merino saw his fifth yellow and will not be able to play against Real Madrid, and he could see the second yellow, but the referee looked the other way with his hand in the center of the field. Lucas Pérez was able to score the goal of honor, but Remiro showed that Real also have a goalkeeper and joined the party leaving his clean sheet. La Real adds 41 points and aims ambitiously for the Champions League, rising from 0-4 in Turin; Alavés received another win and the defensive aspect is beginning to worry, because relegation continues to lurk too close.

Imanol: "The four goals, the best way to overcome United"

The Real Sociedad coach, Imanol Alguacil, was satisfied this Sunday after the defeat (4-0) against Deportivo Alavés due to the character that his squad to overcome the virtual elimination against Manchester United (0-4) in the Europa League and congratulated his players for this.

"After receiving four goals, scoring another four ... is the best way to overcome it because the rival was not easy," declared Alguacil, who admitted that it was difficult for his team to suffer in the first half due to the prevailing equality in First Division.

"Cádiz has tied Barcelona, Levante beat Atlético ... Alavés always does a great defensive job and is a very solid team," emphasized coach Txuri Urdin to highlight the triumph of San Sebastian.

However, he did not want to give excessive praise to Alex Isak, after his three goals against Vitoria, because, as he recalled, "the passes came from the players who were at his side, such as Merino, Silva and Oyarzabal, which means that all are important, "he commented.

Alguacil already thinks of Old Tradford, in a decisive tie against Real, and announced that his team "will wash the image" because he assured, "It is not a brown to play that game, there is illusion in the dressing room and the goal to be the same as always, to win the next one ".

"To score a first goal there and generate some doubt, because it is really very difficult. We want to at least win that game because we have the biggest shield there is, even if Manchester United is in front," warned Sheriff.

On the other hand, he did not want to set goals in La Liga, with the team well established in European places, since that goal "will be set when there are five games left. "But my team offers an incredible level and it has done so since the beginning of the season and in every game, except the match against Manchester United," he concluded. -EFE

Abelardo: "It is not possible for you to score two goals in 8 minutes"

Deportivo Alavés coach Abelardo Fernández was disappointed by the performance of his team in San Sebastián and acknowledged that "we left the game with his first goal".

"We did 40 very good minutes, we had arrivals and Real had not put us in danger but from the first goal we have left and that cannot be, it is non-negotiable against any First Division", declared Abelardo.

The Alava coach reiterated that his team cannot afford the luxury of the rival "scoring two goals for you in 8 minutes because then you have nothing to do", while reminding that the third and fourth goals of the San Sebastian were due to clear errors .

"Those last two goals come due to serious mistakes, although the responsibility is mine for not working well with those actions or for putting the players I have put in some positions," an Abelardo who looked at back to get positive things, such as the games his team played against Valladolid and Getafe since "you have to put the positive and the negative in the balance" .

Pitu Abelardo admitted being "worried" not only about defense, but also because "we have to generate more in attack" and said "to assume responsibility that in the last two games we have not been at the level we want" .

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