"It is important to have Ramos, but it is not easy to manage him"

Diego Forlán went through "El Larguero": "Barcelona's mistake with Luis Suárez is being made by Real Madrid with Sergio Ramos".


Diego Forlán has gone through the microphones of "El Larguero" of Cadena SER to review the sports news and analyze the good moment that Atlético de Madrid is going through.

Renew Ramos: "Yes, it would be a shame (if he did not renew) and if a player with his career had to go elsewhere and finish elsewhere. He is fit and makes a difference. Defensively he is strong and has his presence No club is based on one player because it depends on everyone. The mistake that Barcelona made with Suárez is being made by Real Madrid with Ramos. They are important, there is a squad, they are negotiations and you have to understand it on both sides. a great player who is more current than some youngsters ".

Power in the dressing room: "No player is above any institution. When that power is allowed is when the mistake is made. It is important to have a player like Ramos who has that power like Cristiano or Messi, but it is not easy to manage it and set limits. When they are exceeded, there has to be someone superior to set the limit. I don't know if this is the case or not. Having a player of this caliber is important for the institution and decisions have to be made. There are players who have They have won to be one step above and it is logical because they have earned it, but that step that does not exceed the limits. We would have to ask why Suarez's decision was made. He is one of the players who makes the difference. "

Start of Luis Suárez: "He has a lot of goal. He has always had it. He is comfortable and made a good decision."

Cavani: "He likes to have spaces and the Atlético style would have adapted well. Suárez and Cavani are different. Individually they would have adapted very well because the style is similar to that played by Uruguay" .

Field full: "At the present time, Atlético is a shame because each game would be a party. With 10 points above Madrid and Barça."

Liga: "It is difficult for him to escape. In football you cannot predict anything. Matches are decided by details. There is a month that can be fatal for you. The seasons are long and there Atlético is taking distance from points. a solid team with good parts ".

Uruguayans: "There was a time when no relief was seen up front. In the case of Darwin and Brian Rodríguez, they see good possibilities to continue growing.

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