Is the East back vs West? the All Star Game, about to return

According to Wojnarowski, the NBA and the players union finalize an agreement for the event to finally take place. It would be on March 7, in Atlanta.

First it was an open debate in the middle of the NBA season, including the stumbles that the pandemic has caused. After a rumor and it is already the prelude to important news: according to Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN's heavyweight, the agreement for an All Star Game is very close. NBA and players union (NBPA) finalize negotiations for the event to be held, finally, on March 7 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

The agreement has not been closed yet, and both parties are still negotiating the transfer of the players safely to Atlanta for an appointment that will be held in any case in a reduced format and without the duration and the usual program of an All Star Weekend. It should be remembered that this year's was going to be held in Indianapolis and has been postponed until 2024.

The background is obvious: the All Star Game is one of the most mediatic events (and most profitable for television partners) of the NBA calendar, and it is an opportunity at the image level for the best players, who in general seem to see good eyes that the option to organize at least the legendary all-star party has been reactivated. There were going to be stars selected as all stars anyway: even without a match, the 12 of each Conference would have been chosen so that this distinction would not be lacking in the resumes ... and in the contracts, since there are players who have signed amounts linked to be chosen all star. The public vote has already been opened, and the first wave will be known on Thursday. The choice of the ten headlines depends on 50% of the fans, 25% of the specialized press and 25% of the players themselves. Afterwards, the coaches vote for the alternates (seven for each Conference) .

According to Wojnarowski, the inclusion of clauses whereby players can refuse to go to the All Star is also discussed, an appointment that is normally not allowed to miss. The NBA already included these exit options in the Florida bubble and before the start of this rugged 2020-21 season, which had a stoppage (in principle without All Star) between March 5 and 10. A form of rest for the players (many use the All Star Weekend to take family trips, disconnect ...) and to separate the two differentiated sections of the calendar into which this campaign has been divided to have room for maneuver in the face of postponements and forced changes due to the pandemic in a season in which each franchise has gone from the usual 82 Regular Season games to 72.

While some stars are in favor of going to Atlanta, and taking advantage of the appointment for charitable causes that the NBA organizes every year in the city that hosts the event, other players and franchise managers believe that it supposes taking an unnecessary risk from a point of view from a sanitary point of view. It is also unclear what events would be attempted in addition to the match itself. The option of the Rookie Challenge (the duel of first and second year players) seems totally out of the question, but Wojnarowski aims for a single day (March 7) with a match that would return to the East vs West format and some of the contests. Marc Stein had already announced that the NBA was considering finally including the famous and traditional slam dunk and triple contests, at least.

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