Inter's 'sorpasso' and the struggle to follow in Mou's footsteps

Inter, after their victory against Milan, has turned Serie A upside down and now they have the most roles to take over. They haven't won it since the 2010 triplet with Mourinho.


2020 was the year of Milan. 2021 is being Inter's. The Rossoneri walked mightily in Serie A, having solidified the foundations of a reconstruction that seemed eternal. Pioli found the keys to press and Ibrahimovic executed the main movements with the help of an orchestra full of youth. However, as the season progresses they are seeing how their greatest rival cuts their hopes of winning Serie A. The last, painful, the Neroazurro triumph in the 'Madonnina derby'. If in November Conte's boys had a five-point advantage over Milan, after the resounding 0-3 they march four ahead, at the top of the table. Quite a 'sorpasso'.

The final result illustrates the difference of states of form in the capital of fashion. The locals had several chances to tie the game, but where Ibra failed, Handanovic, Lukaku and Lautaro emerged triumphant. The goalkeeper thwarted the reaction attempts, while the attacking couple showed why they are considered one of the most fearsome on the planet. Just five minutes it took the Belgian to enable the Argentine. Already in the second half, Lautaro signed his double and Romelu the sentence, after a tremendous ride in which he showed the tremendous confidence that he enjoys at the moment.

Lukaku and Lautaro, the goal couple

That confidence that makes him lead the fight for the capocannoniere ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo (17 to 16). We cannot forget that Rom came from Manchester United as a discard and has now become, or has become, one of the best strikers on the planet. While that of Bahía Blanca has also grown exponentially under the orders of the Italian coach, reaching 13 goals and 6 assists in the current Serie A: last season they finished 14-5. The symbiosis they experience is almost perfect and the best example was the clash against Milan. Powerful, scorers and with something that defines them, their lack of selfishness. Conte located them with the souls of his team and spins the diagram on them.

But it is in the rest of the participants in the goals that the rest of the ingredients of this powerful Inter of 2021 appear. The pass to Lukaku in 1-0 was Achraf's thing, who also participated in the second. The Spanish-Moroccan has buried the defensive doubts at the beginning of the course, without adding ballast to his joy when attacking. The 2-0 assist came from Perisic, who was put ahead by Eriksen. The latter appeared on the discard list after the European debacle, but once the winter window closed, neither one nor the other came out. Now they are key in the best Inter of the season.

Eriksen and Perisic, rebirth and relocation

And it is that Conte's greatest merit is perhaps having found an ecosystem that empowers the Croatian and the Danish. The former Tottenham appeared reviled and without minutes, but it seems that another clash against Milan, in the Cup, changed his luck. A sensational direct foul qualified Inter for the semifinals and since then their fate has changed. A regular headline, Conte can't get enough in recent days to praise his work. Technical and creative, as always, he has now added a necessary job if he is to succeed in the robust Series. "He begins to understand what we want from him," his coach said last week. And all this without counting in the last games with the great request of the Italian this market, Arturo Vidal. The Chilean, habitual companion of Brozovic and Barella, indisputable in the engine room, has seen how Eriksen overtakes him.

Something similar to what Perisic experienced. Although the one from Split had enjoyed greater timing throughout the course, it was not until he was positioned as the left lane that he began to uncork his full potential. "Time has proved us right. We are talking about an offensive winger, but he is managing to guarantee coverage. He has a potential that he himself does not know," said Conte. Against Milan, two assists and tireless ups and downs of the band that have little to envy Achraf on the opposite flank. What's more, in Italy they compare their role with Samuel Eto'o in the last Inter champion, something that takes us to the last point ... 444 444Following the path of Mourinho's Inter

Inter is currently the top favorite to win the championship, both by qualifying situation and by squad. In addition, not having to play the Champions League can save efforts, even if the Europa League appears as an alternative. You have to go back many years to remember the last Serie A raised by the neroazzurri and it was under the mandate of Mourinho. That season, 2009-10, Inter won the treble. The next one would be won by Milan and the rest were up to Juventus. Now, eleven years later, Conte seems to have found a recipe that seemed forgotten since the Portuguese left for Real Madrid, that of winning Serie A.

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