Indias: "Braithwaite? Now I am amused by certain complaints from Barcelona"

The Leganés sports director is surprised by the discomfort that exists over the Messi-PSG case after what Barça did to them with Braithwaite.


Txema Indias (San Sebastián, 49 years old) was a cook before he was a friar. Footballer before Sports Director. He finished his career playing right back. Haggling then was not among his virtues. He preferred to face the rival and crash if necessary. A style that he now maintains in the dialectic of his interviews. It does not hide. And that, in the times of the ultra-correct discourse that surrounds football, is appreciated.

No, it is not that the Leganés sports director gets into puddles, but if he has to make it clear that he does not like something, he says so. For example, the dismissal of José Luis Martí. For Indias, only the presence in the market of Asier Garitano gave impetus to a step that, he adds, was not taken before the defeat that cost the Mallorcan his dismissal. Indias believes that the Leganés environment has been too critical at times with the former Blue and White coach. "Whatever the reason, he did not sit well here," he adds. Nor does he hide that there was no other candidate for relief other than Garitano and that Of course, if he himself, if the Indias himself, will continue next season after the contract ends.

Sincerity that is repeated with the Braithwaite case in the absence of ten days to complete one year of his departure. “It was played with the bread of many families. It was a legal decision, but unethical. Now it makes me laugh when I read certain headlines about [Barcelona's] indignation with some rumors from France.

It has been a too quiet market for Leganés, right?

It has been a rare and quiet market globally. There have been no big moves. Everything leads to the fact that, if those at the top, the powerful, do not sign, the domino effect that rebounds in everyone does not occur. In any case, we abused at the time having a long staff due to COVID-19. We didn't need to move too much.

That's news in Leganés…

Yes… it is strange because in all the markets that we have experienced in Leganés we have always been until the last minute to do the paperwork for a transfer or exit. It was already foreseen, anyway, that it would be like this.

Because with the 25 chips taken and without requests for exit ... it would be difficult for there to be movements.

It is clear. Without free chips you cannot sign. From the beginning we bet strongly to have a powerful squad for the category. There have been no exits, it's true. Some of those who don't play may be uncomfortable, but we are happy with the squad. We have not pushed anyone to leave to bring other signings.

What happened to Santos?

What the club said. A very, very personal situation that I honestly prefer not to get into. They are themes that unite the professional and personal. I can only say that we were happy with it. We trusted him a lot. The pity is that he had to go. There was a lot of speculation. He told himself that he did not want to play. None of that was like that. It's a shame.

Your case was resolved too late. There was no margin for spare parts.

But we rush to the end because, I tell you sincerely, Santos would have been a winter signing if he could have stayed.

Was Lasure's exit finally attempted?

Yes, there were teams that asked about Dani. His representative told us as well. It did not happen and we are delighted that Dani stayed. In that position we have three players. The three will not be able to play, but Dani is a good footballer. He played promotion play-offs with Zaragoza and in the human and personal it is to have him in the team. Yes ... we were there with the subject until the last minute, but we were delighted that it continues.

And Rosales and Avilés were able to leave?

We must give value to our squad, because First or Second teams have been interested in some names, such as Rosales and Avilés. The value of our staff is great. Yes ... there are calls, rumors ... but no situation occurred.

Speaking of the left back, did Silva ever refuse to play?

There is a lot of speculation. I get it. From the outside you can interpret some things, but from the inside they are not like that. Jonathan, beyond the professional, had some situations ... but the player stayed. He's been injured for quite a few weeks. When we returned from vacation, I was like one of them. Now the pity is that he was injured again. We hope you will return as soon as possible.

The winter signing has been Garitano…

I said so in your presentation. That Asier returns to Leganés, being in Second, is bad news, on the one hand, because a coach has had to leave, but once the step has been taken, it is great news. Get to know the club, with it the greatest achievements of this entity have been achieved ...

Choosing it was not difficult.

It is that making a change in the middle of the season is difficult because of the choice of the part. But in the case of Asier there was no doubt. We knew from day one that it would be a thousand for a thousand. Know every corner of the house. Everything was very agile. Yes, it was a winter signing.

Was it Garitano or none?

I repeat: coach changes must be done carefully. I admire teams that happily change coaches because they seem like very serious decisions to me. In a player you can be wrong, but it is one in 25. But if you fail in the coach, it is very dangerous. With Asier free, we had little to break our heads. It was he who we wanted to come.

It was too quick and easy. Barely 36 hours.

It's true. If I told you otherwise, I would be lying and saying that we spoke with Asier before playing in Las Palmas the last Marti game. And it is not true. There our only objective was to win and stabilize ourselves. But everything changed with the defeat. We had to activate quickly. In 36 hours everything was more or less closed. The predisposition was good.

In summer it was different.

He said so. In summer his head was surely not prepared for the situation he experienced in Vitoria. This time I was excited and wanting to take on a project and that project, if it is Leganés, then much better. The predisposition of Leganés and Asier was very good. We were committed to understanding.

Asier says that the day before his signing was made official the club made an important effort, what does he mean?

You'll have to ask him. He is the one who can answer that question. I know what I lived. In those 36 hours, more clarity between Leganés and Asier was impossible to have more clarity ... but I don't know what he means.

Was it hard to throw out Martí?

Yes, yes ... I'm not used to it. In the clubs I've been to, there haven't been many dismissals. In Leganés, in fact, it is the first. Pellegrino was the one who left. It's tough… it's tough. Beyond football, we are people. It's hard to see a group of professionals work hand in hand with the players and see how it doesn't work. It was hard to sit in front of him and tell his face that, this far, the road was over. I didn't have a good time with that drink.

Were you the only one who communicated this to him?

It was a weird week. Before playing in Las Palmas they had already decided that there would be two days off. It was clear to me that this news could not be given by phone. That you have to give it in person. I called the coach. He didn't know if he was in Madrid or Mallorca. He told me he was in Madrid and we immediately met. I was with Felipe [Moreno Pavón, technical secretary] and we gave him our arguments.

How did you take it?

At that time I suppose it must be difficult to understand and accept them, but the truth is that it was all in a very respectful way. Quite a gentleman.

Leganés has not dismissed a coach since 2012. How was the decision made? Who participated? 444 444

It is not the same to make the decision of a signing or a withdrawal, than a coach. That goes further. It is a decision-making not only by the sports management, but by the entire club. We all go hand in hand.

And it really hadn't been taken before the Las Palmas game?

No ... but it is true that there are times when you feel something. The numbers, the competition, everything is not giving you what we expected. There are times when you have to say that the end has come.

Did it bother you that it leaked days before what decision was made if it got lost?

It bothered me because it was not taken. I sincerely tell you. Surely you all felt that if it was not won in Las Palmas, the decision would be made. But there was no previous meeting to say "If we don't win, we change coaches." It was not so. If it had been like that, we would have looked for a coach before. But nobody looked for him until he got lost in Las Palmas.

Did you agree to the termination? If there were private vows, what would yours be like?

That's secret vows.

Well, you have already answered ...

Let's see, it is true that two circumstances have occurred here. It is a peculiar decision, because it has happened that we did not go well with a coach who did work well. But here you live from the results. But it was also the circumstance that Garitano could be signed, which is important for the club, as an illusion and because of his ability to make the most of the squads.

Come on, if they hadn't had Martí's replacement in Asier, Martí would not have been fired.

They are hypotheses, but if you ask me, I find it difficult to change just to change. In some cases, with these bench changes, things improve, but this is not always the case. Those decisions have to be matured. Don't do them madly. And also, you have to know, if you change, who you do it for. And in this case, it was not to bring anyone.

From the environment you intuit that it has been hard with Martí. Am I wrong?

It has not deserved all the criticism it has received. Now he could be a populist and say that Martí is not here, that he is past water ... but he has not been fair to him. It is true that in football the results are justice.

What do you mean?

Well, beyond press conferences, regardless of whether you like how the team plays or not, I think there have been personal attacks ... I'm not just talking about the press, but about social networks. I don't have it, but everything comes to me. Him, I imagine, too. In that regard, it has not been fair.

But the equipment was not going well ...

In the bad times it is normal to be criticized, but there have been weeks of several consecutive victories and the criticism has been fierce towards him. I'ts something new for me. I had never experienced anything like this. Martí did not fall with the right foot in Leganés and its surroundings.

Did Asier ask to remake the template in the five market days they had?

Circumstances led us to have a week to close the market. But when we spoke with Asier that Monday, he didn't ask us for anything. If Asier has taken the step of going down from the First Division to the Second Division, it is because he believes that the squad he has is valid, important to fight for the objectives. At no time did he fault it. Knowing Asier, if he had doubts, he would not have come to Leganés.

How are the renovations going?

Look, we just landed with all this… now we have paused. There are months of competition left to make a decision.

With Bustinza, have you already spoken?

With Unai the relationship is great, as you know. He's been with the club for the same years as me. Six seasons already. The dialogue is continuous. We'll see what happens ... but with Unai we talk daily.

Will the category be decisive?

It is a question for the club… but also for him. We have to wait for everything to stop: coach, team ... Asier does not come for a few months, he comes for the future. We will have to talk to him to plan more than the following Sunday.

And your renewal, Txema? Yours ...

My renewal is secondary. I always say. I will give everything for this club, which has given me a lot. I have tried to give everything I have and more. I have months ahead. Nothing is going to de-center me one iota. I will work to achieve the goal, whether Txema Indias or not. I want to see Leganés compete with the best in Spanish football.

But do you already have a decision?

I have not made a decision, nor have I stopped to think about it. I try to enjoy the day to day of my work. Nothing more. In May or June we will see if the club is happy with me, in which category we can be ... from then on it is a matter of two. If they love me or if I want to continue. We have been working together for six years, we are delighted, but it is an issue that does not concern me. My renovations have almost always been at the end of the season.

Do you have a deadline to make a decision?

I don't ... really tell you. Surely people won't believe me. We all would like to know our future in advance and the years of project on a site. But I live from day to day. Learn every day from those around me. But from there I don't set a date. The date is end of season.

In this period, what are you most proud of on your plot?

Of the people.

Excuse me?

Yes, I am proud of the people I work with and the players and coaches I have had. I'm glad I can pick up the phone and talk to them. Have that trust and even friendship. Almost 100% answer me. Football in the elite is fine, but football passes and the people remain.

Give me an example.

Javier Aguirre. I used to see him at Atlético de Madrid, up there. It is a legend! I always say it, he is the Luis Aragonés of Mexico. And he has been with us, which is amazing ... Now he trains in Mexico and if I send him a message, he responds instantly. But it happens to me with others, also with Pellegrino.

And what's the worst thing about being a sports director?

Sitting down with someone and telling them not to continue. Even valid players, who have given you a good service, but who understand that you have to change the squad. I have reached the First Division thanks to those players, to whom you must then tell them that they are not following. It's hard because they have taken you to the top.

I thought the exit of Braithwaite would answer me ...

Yes, but that's more professional than personal. It was tough that and the departure of En Nesyri. The Braithwaite thing was a hard stick because of how it happened, but the Youssef En Nesyri thing was also complex. I am sure that with one of them two, no longer with both, but with only one, we would have been saved.

When do you read that Barcelona is angry with PSG for slipping that they want Messi, after Braithwaite, what do you think?

I'd rather bite my tongue ...


At that time as a club we were very, very polite. It may sound like an excuse, but that decision by FC Barcelona pushed Leganés over the precipice.

Come on, who reads the news and gets angry ...

You are amused. When it happens to others, nothing happens, but when it happens to you, the importance is greater. I read all that destabilizing stuff and it makes me laugh. They not only destabilized us, but also helped us down to Second. And it is of little use to me to complain, change the norm or say that they hurt us. They played with the food and bread of many families.

But they did it under the standard ...

Yes, it's true. Given that I can say little. But on a moral and ethical level, everything could have been done better or looked elsewhere, and even more so when 15 days before they had had an open market.

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