"Playing in Spain? I'd be lying if I said it's not my goal"

In an interview with the German newspaper Sport Bild, Spanish international Dani Olmo summarizes what he experienced during his first year in the Bundesliga.


After seeing himself on the bench more than expected when he landed in Germany just a year ago, Dani Olmo is already one more in Leipzig. He takes on stripes, scores, attends and has become a linchpin for East German coach Julian Nagelsmann. In an interview with the German newspaper Sport Bild, the Spanish international summarizes what he lived through during his first year in the Bundesliga, explains why he looks at Messi and Cristiano and talks about his dream of playing in Spain in the future. Olmo spoke about the following topics:

Asking Germany for 6-0 forgiveness: "No, I don't have to. Germany will be as strong as ever. They have great players. I'm sure: Germany will be one of the favorites at the European Championship. It was the perfect match for us and Germany did not have a good day ".

Note for his first year in Leipzig: "Maybe a pass? The first year was good, but I can still improve on everything."

Convince Nagelsmann: "I was not too happy with my minutes on the pitch. So I had to work harder in training to convince the coach. It was a learning process. I wanted to show him that he could always count on me. After the break for the coronavirus, the coach gave me the opportunity and I took it ".

His tasks at the RB: "It's hard to explain. Let's say we don't have a single ten, or a single striker, or a key winger. Almost everyone has to play various roles. The tasks that each have to perform are constantly changing, even in the middle of a match. That is not easy for newcomers, but it is even more difficult for the opponent. "

Same place of birth as Xavi: "I still have a long way to go to catch up with Xavi. He is a football legend. His career is an example for any player. In Terrassa, all the young footballers were proud to be from this place. If you want to compare me to Xavi, I am flattered. But I am a different kind of player ".

Style of play: "I am more offensive than Xavi. Xavi was a six or an eight. I am a midfielder. I used to look at Andrés Iniesta a lot, it was incredible how he played. Now I look at Messi or Ronaldo" .

Leadership in the National Team: "Coaching is a bit of an exaggeration. It just makes me proud to be there on a regular basis and to be able to wear the National Team jersey. But I still consider playing for the National Team to be a prize. The basis is the day to day in Leipzig And we still have three competitions where we want to do our best. Our goal is to be proud of ourselves at the end of the season. "

Long-term goals: "From my point of view, the biggest title is the World Cup. A World Cup brings together the best players in the world, making it the most difficult title to win. Of course, the feeling when we win The quarterfinals of the Champions League against Atlético de Madrid in the summer was one of the best of my career. That match and being able to be in a semi-final was incredible. "

Nagelsmann-Klopp match in the Champions League round of 16: "I don't think Julian cares too much about that comparison. It is important for him and for us that we play as a united team and believe danger. We have possibilities and we are a good team, we want to show it to Liverpool and everyone ".

Playing in LaLiga: "I would be lying if I said that it is not my goal to play one day in my country. But there is time, I'm only 22 years old. I don't even think about it. I'm really focusing all my attention on Leipzig, as I have said several times. I've only been here a year and we still want to achieve a lot together. That's the only thing I can influence right now. "

Diet: "I try hard, I always want to improve. In addition to team sessions, I do individual training. I also changed my diet in Leipzig. I don't eat meat, only fish and protein. The first month I was a little tired, but now I feel much better than before ".

Relationship with Angeliño: "I get along very well with Ángel, we already know each other from the lower categories of the National Team. The fact that the players get along so well is also one of the keys to the success of RB. We are a pineapple" .

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