Illa: "Espanyol is worse today than the management of the pandemic"

The candidate for president of the Generalitat and former Minister of Health is not "guilty" of the decline, he confessed in the comedy program 'Perico Que Vola'.


“I am a member, my father would be upset if he were not,” jokes Salvador Illa, a parakeet follower by family tradition and son of the founder of the Penya Blanc i Blava de La Roca del Vallès, where he was a coach before he was mayor. And previously, he even idolized “Marañón, Solsona and Lauridsen”, Espanyol players in the childhood and youth of the PSC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya, who in the middle of the electoral campaign went through the comedy program 'Perico Que Vola ', which is broadcast on YouTube.

The presenters, David Recasens and Álex Pérez, had no contemplations, since as soon as they appeared on the stage of the Eixample Teatre they asked them if the management of the pandemic by the Ministry of Health, of which they were head until two weeks ago, is worse, or Espanyol. "At the moment, Espanyol is worse, because they have to go up to First," he answered without blinking. And he added: "The management of the pandemic continues to concern us, but quite well (" déu n'hi do ", he said, in Catalan) we are taking it". He does consider, however, that being the Minister of Health during a pandemic is more difficult than being with Espanyol in the Second Division.

In that vein, they insisted to Illa in a jocular tone about the decisive role that he could have played as Minister of Health if he had refused to resume the last League, in which Espanyol finally descended. “These things are as they are, I couldn't and shouldn't do anything. What I wanted was for Espanyol to do well, "he lamented. Later, and questioned by Brian Domínguez as to whether he considered himself the culprit of the descent, he answered bluntly: "No, not at all.

More doubts harbors the presidential candidate to the Generalitat about a hypothetical competition for self-esteem between the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the parakeet forward Raúl de Tomás. "I could not tell. I have worked very well with Pedro Sánchez, he has supported me a lot and is very determined. He belongs to Atlético de Madrid, from game to game. I don't know RdT ", he resolved.

Salvador Illa, who believes that "he would not do it well" if he had to be president of Espanyol, remained diplomatic and opted for it in the sports field. “What if it would make Espanyol appear in textbooks, apart from Messi? Yes, and Girona, Sabadell, Nàstic, Lleida… To all the teams that make up the plurality in Catalonia ”, he stated. Something similar pointed out if the parakeet club would deserve more space on TV3: “A public television should be at the service of the entire country. And I do not say more because I am in the campaign, "he warned.

The former minister was invited to participate in a game that consisted of vaccinating various personalities with darts, and he missed his aim by targeting Leo Messi, and not De Tonás, as the top scorer in Spain. But he did choose to parrot Pedro Sánchez rather than the opposition leader, Pablo Casado. And he became solemn to ask the public to applaud Fernando Simón. Finally, he telephoned Dani Sánchez Llibre, former president of Espanyol, who promised to go to 'Perico Que Vola' in the future and wished him an electoral victory this coming Sunday.

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