If there is an outbreak before the Cup, the team will be replaced

The ACB has held an assembly this Friday in which the current crisis situation and the new agreement with the Federation have been discussed.


The ACB has held a telematic assembly this Friday in which the current situation of the clubs, which are economically very affected by the pandemic, has been discussed. There have been conversations with the Higher Sports Council in this regard, in which possible financial aid is put on the table. He has also been talking for a while about the possibility of fans in the pavilions, even if it is a minimum capacity. Both issues appear closely linked.

Likewise, one week into the Cup, the clubs have clarified the scenario, in the event that a team is affected by an outbreak of COVID-19, given the impossibility, as it does in the League, to postpone the matches . If there are isolated positives, teams will participate without those players. But if there is an outbreak and it occurs before the start of the tournament, the next classified when the cut was decided (last January 10 and according to the criteria of percentage of victories) would replace the affected club. UCAM Murcia is the first on the list, the first reserve, if you can call it that, and Baxi Manresa, the second. Then MoraBanc Andorra would go. If the generalized contagion is detected with the tournament already started, the affected team will not be able to appear and the match will be considered lost.

The clubs have also made progress on the coordination agreement that they must sign with the Spanish Federation and which, according to their agreement last summer, should be signed before the end of the year. The agreement of August 2020 regarding promotions and demotions will be reflected in it, which establishes that, if there is a League of 19, like the current one, it will be compensated with two descents from the ACB and only one promotion from the LEB Oro to return to a competition of 18. In return, the ACB committed to the FEB to support a comprehensive plan to support the LEB Oro, with a total financial amount of one million euros to be distributed among their clubs. From 2022, in addition, the second category of Spanish basketball will once again have two promotions.

The agreement encompasses the new framework for hiring players that the ACB and FEB have been negotiating, which would have to be approved by the players' union (ABP), which is suspicious of possible damage to the player trained in Spain . In the new framework, which would also have to be ratified by the CSD, the registered squads could reach 15 players, instead of the current 12. At the same time, a third non-EU would be allowed (now only two) and, in return, the minimum quota of players trained in Spain would go from four to five. In addition, the criteria to be considered a training player would be toughened and the minimum wage of the youngest players could be raised.

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