Iannone explodes: "The mafia is already bigger than the sport"

The Italian, sentenced to four years for doping, again questioned the management of the Court of Arbitration for Sport after the resolution of the 'Schwazer' case.


Since the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) put the alleged doping of Andrea Iannone on the table, the Italian driver always relied on an innocence that the organization did not share. Last November, Vasto's was sanctioned and removed from the competition for four years, but that has not kept him away from the media spotlight since he takes advantage of every occasion as much as possible, to attack the management of those who have been left out of the World Cup.

The 'Schwazer' case has been the last opportunity Iannone has taken advantage of to become, once again, a speaker for all those athletes who have been splashed by cases related to doping. In the case of the Italian walker, he had an investigation open for four years for alleged doping that, during the day yesterday, the TAS decided to archive, unleashing once again the indignation of the former MotoGP rider.

The investigating judge considered "that the urine samples taken from Alex Schwazer on 1/1/2016 have been altered so that they are positive and therefore discredit the athlete and his coach", reaching a resolution that was never on the table in the case of an Iannone who, directly, decided to go on the attack: "Sport is a mafia" .

In the first place, the Italian highlighted the reality of athletics: "These situations have happened for a long time and this system must be stopped completely, above all, for the good of all athletes who have sacrificed all their lives, making physical efforts without be doped. " And then he continued to make firewood from the fallen tree: "There are athletes who dope and others who do not. Therefore, it is fair that the former are punished, while it is not fair when the latter pay from time to time being innocent" . These words refer directly to his case and in a scenario where, according to Vasto's, "the mafia is already bigger than the sport itself." "This system really sucks," he sentenced.

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