Huge surprise: Bulgaria will go to EuroBasket after kicking out Latvia

The Latvians, with Porzingis, Timma and the Bertans brothers as stars, will not play the EuroBasket. In its place, modest Bulgaria has qualified.


The qualifying phase of EuroBasket 2022 is missing from the last day and in the penultimate one of the big surprises has arrived. One of the teams with the most quality players to its credit, Latvia, will not play it. The Baltics have been eliminated within group H of this European preview and confirmed the hit in Riga, the capital of their own country, against modest Bulgaria.

Victory by one for Rosen Tsvetkov's team, who left their rival at a ridiculous six points in the decisive quarter (65-66).

American-born Dee Bost was Bulgaria's leading scorer with 18 points. Mareks Mejeris, the standout in Latvia (11 + 8) .

Bosnia has been the best classified in this group H. Greece is second and Bulgaria placed third with no option for Latvia to improve it. For the first time in ten years, the Bulgarians are entering a European men's basketball championship, a milestone for a country with little tradition in this sport.

Latvia had in this call one of the Bertans brothers, Dairis, a youth squad from Joventut like Arturs Zagars, quality players like Berzins and Lomazs and a whole Euroleague like Janis Timma. All of them, along with Kristaps Porzingis, will be without a European next year. In the previous one, only Slovenia separated them, which would be proclaimed champion in the grand final.

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