Honda prepared his custom motorcycle for Márquez

This is how Yokoyama, technical director of HRC, admits after a very difficult 2020 for the team: "When we ran out of Marc, we had to update ourselves."


Is the Honda a motorcycle designed for Marc Márquez? The answer is yes. Beyond what is seen on the asphalt, by the confession that Takeo Yokoyama, HRC technical director, made about a philosophy that has taken its toll on Honda when its champion, in the first race of 2020, was left out of the picture to all that remained of the season due to that humerus injury that has brought him so many headaches throughout this year.

The pairing that Márquez and Honda formed was almost so perfect, that it always gave the feeling that nothing could go wrong. And hence, that the Japanese became that kind of genius who grants all your wishes and focused all their efforts on providing their pilot with a mount to suit him. "Historically, when we have a very strong champion, our philosophy is to make the bike more and more suited to that champion," acknowledges Yokoyama in Australian Motorcycles News. But they ended up paying dearly.

2020 became Honda's worst season in the championship, the absence of Márquez in the biggest problem of the structure at that time and the coronavirus in another inconvenience that did not favor much work within the brand with the golden wing: “When we ran out of our reference rider, we had to update what we had to do because the rest of the riding styles are not the same as Marc's.”

Honda embraced a "challenge" in a season where the novelties arrived by dropper despite the need that existed inside the garage. However, they looked for alternatives in "the electronics, the exhausts, the intake, the rigidity of the chassis or the rear shock absorber", with a 90% failure in all the tests they carried out. "We probably tried 100 new things and 90 were wrong, a failure", admits the HRC technical director, about a situation that made them come out stronger: "From those failures we learned and finally we have found the way" .

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