Herbalife makes its debut in the Top-16 and maintains its options

MoraBanc was very wrong and takes a step back in its options since it also loses the average with the Canaries, who were superior.


Herbalife Gran Canaria, with some successful John Shurna (21 points, 7 rebounds and a PIR of 24) and AJ Slaughter (17 points with 3 of 5 in triples), achieved their first victory in the Eurocup Top-16 this Wednesday and maintains its qualifying options after beating MoraBanc Andorra 74-79, which takes a step back in its options since it also loses the average with the Canaries.

Hannah's three-pointers - four in the fourth quarter - were about to give the Principality the victory. The little offensive success was the predominant note at the beginning of the match between MoraBanc and Herbalife Gran Canaria. Those of Porfi Fisac were the first to score and the first two points came when 3:34 of the game had been played with a tray from John Shurna. The North American, formerly from BC MoraBanc, scored the first seven points for his team (0-7). The first two from the Principality arrived when they had played 5:35 with two points from Hannah.

Mistakes turned the first quarter into a soporific match, but Herbalife Gran Canaria was the least bad and was 10 points at 9-19. A 5-0 run by Ibon Navarro's men made up the score at the end of a rather weak first quarter (14-19). A slight improvement showed MoraBanc at the beginning of the second quarter. The locals, after five minutes played, managed to put themselves in front of the scoreboard for the first time with a 2 + 1 from 'Tyson' Pérez.

The success in the triple of Stan Okoye and in the painting of the young Balcerowski kept those of Porfi Fisac with small differences in electronic. A 2-11 run, led by AJ Slaughter, left Herbalife Gran Canaria seven points behind at halftime (35-42) .

The staging of the canaries was unbeatable. Those of Fisac nailed a partial of 4-15, with a BC MoraBanc totally denied in attack, which meant a maximum difference of 16 points (41-57). The success in attack, with AJ Slaughter and Stan Okoye (two 2 + 1 scored) inspired, were difficult for the Andorrans to stop. The third quarter ended with a 47-62 and with the premises totally dense. MoraBanc woke up with a triple shot in the last quarter with a 2-9 run and two triples from Gielo and one, quite a long way off, from Oriol Paulí to place 56-64.

Only four minutes had passed and Fisac stopped him with a timeout and a triple by AJ Slaughter. The answer came on the next play with a new triple, this time from Hannah, to cut differences to six (61-67). The North American guard fed his confidence and he brought his team closer to three points (69-72) with 2:44 from the end with two more triples. At 1:38, a new triple from Hannah brought the Andorrans closer to two points (72-74), but Herbalife did not fail in the most delicate moments and sentenced with an entry by AJ Slaughter.

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