Harden is left alone in the Nets and the Mavs punish him on defense

Kevin Durant is out and Kyrie Irving also did not play this game, so Harden had to pilot the ship alone. Doncic led his Mavs well.


Making a commitment forward when circumstances get in your way doesn't always happen so easy. In the case of the Mavericks' visit to the Nets in the game of the day this Saturday night, it could be formulated that way. All the stars lined up for the team led by Rick Carlisle to leave the Barclays Center with a victory that once again placed them with a 50% balance in the leaderboard.

The locals maintained a positive streak of eight games without losing, but they appeared for the ninth commitment without Kevin Durant, a loss confirmed during the last appointments, and also without Kyrie Irving, with some discomfort in the shoulder that was operated. James Harden remained the only powerful reference in Brooklyn. Also, return of Kristaps Porzingis to the lineup of his rival. The Mavs' work on defense was important, especially after the break, and Harden explained it plainly at the end: "In the second half we were left without legs."

Brooklyn scored less in the two quarters of the second half, 34, than in the second, 38. Drowned by some Mavericks with Luka Doncic on 27 points, with his starting center doing damage as requested and with a good effort to stop the offensive strength of one of the Eastern Conference candidates to win the championship this season.

Steve Nash, coach of the home team, was one of those who praised Luka Doncic after he led the visitors to a seemingly simple victory, by seventeen points: "Knowing how to pose as many challenges as possible. Score, take fouls, make plays for mates and all, at an elite level. "

Tocó suffer in New York. The local team and their fans at home. There were two well differentiated levels and it was already seen from the beginning. The pace was higher in Dallas' attacks, not just getting hands on the passing lanes or finishing on the counter but deploying the offense quickly to finish the plays as soon as possible and not let the opponent breathe. The strategy to follow. At the beginning of the second quarter they were already twelve up. Without speculation, to the jugular as soon as they could. The Nets' resources were none other than to run in carts outside the perimeter and wait for the proper block for one of their shooters, Harris, Shamet or Luwawu-Cabarrot, to square up and shoot. A patch to avoid greater evils.

In the second half, after the Nets' small reduction in scoring difference, a stretch thanks to Kristaps Porzingis. The Latvian took advantage of the physical advantage with those who defended him and crushed Nash's, who did not have the adequate response and went away from their objective. Harden was only clever so that the distance was not greater, not to put in a problem to some Mavs with the ideas much clearer than in other parties and with the touch of grace of having two of the three megastars of his opponent in infirmary.

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