Hamilton targets Red Bull

The Briton, who has yet to renew with Mercedes, in an interview with La Gazzetta: "They were faster at the end of 2020."


Lewis Hamilton, yet to renew with Mercedes for his eighth World Championship in 2021, is targeting Red Bull as his closest rival this season based on his strong finish last year, with Max Verstappen's triumph at the Abu GP Dhabi. In an interview with the weekly La Gazzetta dello Sport published this Saturday, although made weeks before, the Briton assures: "The eighth title is something huge, everyone will talk about it in 2021. It will be a very tough season that we have for up front and I can assure you that we will have to work hard against Red Bull. They were very strong at the end of the season, we were using our engines at full power and they were still faster. "

The seven-time champion, 36, is in North America physically training with ascents in the snow aided by a 'splitboard', a snowboard that is divided in two to be able to progress on the slopes as a cross-country skiing. His renewal with Mercedes has been delayed to unthinkable limits, in fact now he has no connection with the team, although he is preparing the season to compete with them.

From the latest statements by Toto Wolff, team boss, there is still no unease on his part. But the Austrian leader is very close to the driver and it does not seem that other levels of the team, such as Daimler, are satisfied with so many delays when closing the next contract. Question of money? It is unlikely that the demands of the pilot and his star salary convince everyone in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis. But at some point, one of the parties will have to give in. The surprise would be that no one did.

Photos from as.com
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