Hamilton loosens

The champion lowers his demands to renew with Mercedes, by now accepting a one-year contract, with the option of extending in 2022.


Less than two months before the start of the Formula 1 World Championship, the current champion and most brilliant star of the great prizes remains without a contract. The renewal agreement between Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team has encountered more pitfalls than initially foreseeable, becoming the preseason soap opera, full of statements, opinions, rumors, speculations and hardly any certainties at the moment.

One of the few that exist in this regard is that time is running out and, in parallel, deadlines are running out. Next March 2 is the day scheduled by the German team for their new W12 to come to life at the Silverstone circuit. And it is to be assumed that before that date, the pilot who should take him to a new title will have been able to see it, sit in his cabin and have a first contact with a mechanic that promises to be very difficult to beat again.

Both parties have been calm at all times on the matter. The expectation arises more outside than inside, because both the statements of Toto Wolff, general manager and CEO of Mercedes F1, and Hamilton himself always point in the same direction: there is no rush to sign and no problems to do so, it is only a question of certain nuances.

A speech as simple as it is not very credible. If everything is so clear, why does the renewal not occur? Why wait? Thus began to filter the alleged conditions that the seven-time champion wanted to impose for his continuity: from the economic (40 million euros per season) to the duration of the contract (four years), through other more speculative ones such as the decision-making capacity of his teammates. of team or the possibility of veto, a participation in the team's bonuses and even the icing on the gift of one of the supercars of the star brand.The intentions of Daimler

The indisputable in the whole process is that there are differences between Hamilton and the intentions of Daimler, the automotive giant that owns Mercedes that faces a time of austerity due to the effects of the pandemic on its businesses. In addition, George Russell's display of the Briton's car during his sick leave from COVID-19 became a tool for negotiation and pressure for the team.

So much so that the agreement seems very close, since Hamilton has been aware of the risks of maintaining such an ordeal in his circumstances. This week, from the 'Motorsport' website they assured that the Englishman would have accepted one of the inalienable conditions for Mercedes, signing a contract of lesser duration: only for this year, with the option of extension to the next. Daimler refuses to accept major commitments in the current situation, having in the bedroom a young and cheap alternative, aware of the value of its mechanics and with a lot of uncertainty about the evolution of its business.

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