Haaland beats Mbappé

The offensive data of the Norwegian striker surpasses those of the French, especially in the Champions League. Madrid will go for one of the two in the next market.


Real Madrid faces the next market with the idea of making a galactic signing. Florentino Pérez wants to launch the new Bernabéu in style with a new project led by a megastar. There are two names on the table: Kylian Mbappé (22 years old) and Erling Haaland (20). The first option is the French striker, whom the sports management has followed for years. However, the emergence of the Norwegian in the last two seasons places him almost at the same height. In addition, the economic complexity of facing the signing of Mbappé causes Halaand to win options.

As if that were not enough, taking into account this season's numbers, the Borussia Dortmund forward has better data than the PSG one. He has scored four more goals (23 for 18) and has done so in five fewer games (23 for 28). In the average of goals per minute, Haaland is the clear winner: he scores every 85 minutes, while Mbappé does so every 116. It is in assists where the Frenchman has a little more presence (9 by 6). However, if we analyze the participation in goals of their team, that is, how often they score or give an assist, Erling continues to have a more positive balance: every 67 minutes for every 77 of Kylian.

In Champions, Haaland's data is record-breaking. He has scored six goals in four group stage matches. And, if we add the last season in which he scored ten goals in eight games, the average is even more impressive: he scores a goal every 56 minutes (16 in 900 '). Although Mbappé also has good numbers in the maximum continental competition, he is not close to that efficiency. Between this course and the past he has scored seven in 1,102 minutes (one goal every 157). In favor of the Frenchman, he led Monaco to the semi-finals and PSG to the final last year, something that Haaland has yet to achieve.

Two beasts of the goal that bear much of the offensive responsibility in their teams. This season, Haaland has 35% of Dortmund's goals, while Mbappé, 25% of PSG. Obviously, they are both top scorers in their respective clubs.

Two different strikers

It should be noted that, although they are both strikers, they occupy different positions and have different characteristics. Erling acts as an attacking point and his main virtue is the occupation of spaces in search of finishing areas, although he has the ability to play with his back. On the contrary, although he can also play in the center of the attack, the Frenchman is a player more prepared to play on either side (although he usually does it on the left), in which he takes advantage of his speed and dribbling to unbalance . Both dominate the shot with both legs.

As far as physics is concerned, both are marvels. Haaland is 194 centimeters tall, but he moves with an agility and speed unlike any such tall footballer. Mbappé has worked his physique conscientiously in recent months to become rockier in duels against the strong defenders of Ligue 1. In terms of injuries, the Norwegian seems somewhat less reliable: this season he has lost eight games, seven of them for a muscular ailment. The Frenchman only two for some discomfort in the thigh, in addition to another three for coronavirus.

Madrid is targeting two of the youngsters who will dominate world football for the next decade. He knows that he cannot fail: any wrong step could cause them to escape to another club. Whatever happens, the board wants a star and will go for it in the next market.

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