Guerrero saves the playoff

Yuri put Ponfe ahead with a penalty and Guerrero made his debut as a Franco-red scorer, closing an express draw, which keeps Rayo in sixth position.


Al Rayo's alarm rang on time and managed to rescue a draw that serves to hold on to sixth place tooth and nail. Guerrero, with his head, saved a playoff that Ponferradina had in their hands, after Yuri scored the 0-1 from eleven meters. The tables do not satisfy, nor do they block the last bad results of the franjirrojos, especially as locals, nor of those of Bolo at home. Of course, they help both to continue in the fight ... That distance of one point remains intact. In addition, the Basque coach has once again shown that he has taken the measure of his ex, with whom he continues without losing.

The entrees on the menu were based on pressure. Both diners placed more emphasis on that dish than on weaving plays or creating chances. If the Garcias were combined, Aguza burst in. If Trejo watched Andrés, he cut Pascanu. Thus, until Dimitrievski grew up destroying the first shot on goal of the match (12 '). Two in one. The Norman first repelled Aguza's shot and later, with his leg, blocked the rebound hooked by Pablo Valcarce. The Ponferradina had broken the ice and, through Sielva and Moi Delgado, they were encouraged to visit the rival area with a little more assiduity.

The Bercians gave off more danger. Sielva tried and went off course. He also tried a set piece, forcing Dimitrievski to pull out his fists to stop Curro's lateral foul. Once the danger was quelled, Rayo took the reply and Andrés could not catch a cross from Álvaro, intercepted by Moi Delgado. The visitors breathed when, minutes later, a shot - too crossed - by Guerrero was lost, after the assistance of Pozo.

The franjirrojos trusted everything to the cons and speed of Álvaro, the roadrunner, a headache for the enemies, an object of Caro's fault. Guerrero stepped forward, launched it, but couldn't see the door. Already in the other area, Curro looked for the surprise, although Dimi already had his fists ready again to leave the 0-0 immobile on the scoreboard. After nap time, it was time to react in the second half.

Aguza hit targets with a low shot from outside the area. Yuri also leaned out. Although it was the Vallecanos who were cheering up. Caro put the mitt to deflect a center-shot from Andrés, which Guerrero could not pick up either. Those of Iraola snorted, who continued erre que erre. The Ponfe goalkeeper was once again the protagonist with his leg, cutting a cross from Álvaro. And when the locals were better, it was 0-1. Saveljich committed a penalty on Yuri and he beat Dimitrievski, who had guessed the trajectory of the ball.

The goal made Bolo's team lower their guard and Rayo smelled it. Álvaro (again he) put it on Guerrero and he headed his first goal with the Franja. Caro came to touch her, but the die was cast. With this express draw, in just three minutes, Iraola moved the bench, taking out Baby and Qasmi. More wood to try to set the match on fire. And if it didn't burn, it was thanks to Caro. A wall for another header by Guerrero and another shot by Álvaro. The goalkeeper bailed waters as best he could, while the Madrilenians eagerly sought the comeback. She was caressed by Qasmi, with a shot to the swing that narrowly left, and an omnipresent Álvaro, who tried to push an assist from Baby and ended up out. Also Saveljich, who saw a double yellow for protesting in the last breath.

El Rayo got away from spring asthenia and breathes with the playoff in his arms, but Ponferradina has already made it clear that he does not intend to lower his in the fight for sixth place ...

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