Garitano and Leganés, end to exile

The Bergara coach redebutes after 989 days since his last match as a cucumber coach. Leganés accumulated 51 days outside Butarque.


Exiliar is a painful verb. It does not matter whether it is conjugated in its transitive or pronominal version. It always hurts. For example, Garitano is a victim of the latter. Because they didn't exile him. He went into exile alone. Today he returns in this Leganés - Lugo (follow the game live on .

989 days ago, on May 19, 2018, Asier decided to leave. He took a step forward and left Butarque to seek new goals with which to continue growing. That afternoon he led his last duel as Leganés coach. It was against Betis, on Avenida de los Once Leones and the game, apart from ending in victory (3-2), mutated into a perfect tribute that mixed nostalgia and gratitude. Also pain. It is never easy to leave where you are wanted or fire the one you adore. Then he came back, yes, but as an enemy. And he never won. Tie two with Real Sociedad and one with Alavés. Coincidences of fate? No kidding. Garitano and fate do not believe in coincidences.

But it is that exile is also a transitive verb. And in that format it is equally painful. Again, Leganés serves as a good example. In the last 51 days the pepineros have been exiled from their stadium. Between the calendar and Filomena, it turns out that they haven't played in Butarque since December 12, when they lost 0-1 against Mallorca. The beginning of the end. From Martí, it is understood. That defeat began to leverage the firing of the Balearic coach, a dismissal that had been muttering for weeks, but which took official form last Tuesday. A day later, the club announced the return of Garitano, who today will put an end to that double exile. His and Leganés'.

Objective: promotion and normality

It will also end a third streak that, more than exile, is absence. Blessed absence. Garitano has not led a match in the Second Division since June 4, 2016, when he was promoted to the First Division with the pepineros. That same objective is set now, although with prudence varnishing his already usual discourse of caution and normality. The first thing is to beat Lugo. He does not want to hear or talk about the classification. Literal. And understandable if he intends to avoid from minute 1 emergencies that take a toll on him and his boys.

Among its initial objectives are others. All are summarized in promoting "the good work that has been done so far," he advanced in his presentation. Yesterday, in the previous match, Asier went further. "We believe that there are things that can be done better. In defense and in attack," he said. That, translated into action, implies several important changes. Leganés will return to 4-2-3-1 and under the command of Garitano they will repeat players sunk before in ostracism, such as Jonathan Silva or Eraso, who will go from forgotten to headlines. In exchange, others will have to start from scratch, such as Borja Bastón or Gaku, the main victims of the first eleven of Bergara. Rubén Pérez returns after 20 days without training due to COVID and Bustinza and Javi Hernández will be suspended due to sanction. Neither will Santos. Leganés will break his assignment and return to Copenhagen, with whom he will terminate to be a free agent.

And all against even Lugo who yearns to be a complex rival. It will not be easy. First, he must break that streak that makes him surely defeated after a rival coach change. It already happened to him against Alcorcón with Anquela and Zaragoza with JIM. Lugo bad vibes. It happens, however, that Lacen's men arrive relaxed, with the bag of points overflowing in the perspective of their initial goal (permanence) and looking askance at a dream (play-off). The privileged zone that Leganés himself marks is only three points away. The Franco-Algerian coach has almost his entire squad at his disposal. Valentin and Torres return and El Hacen points to the headline.

As to follow from Leganés:

Silva. The Argentine side will return to the lineup favored by the loss of Javi Hernández, but spurred on by a Garitano who wants to recover him for the cause.AS to follow from Lugo:

Gerard Valentín. The winger arrives fresh at the game after serving a sanction the last day. Its verticality is essential in the albivermello attack.



The change of bench promises to mitigate the instability of the last days that arose from doubts with Martí.


The Lugo attack will pass by force in rapid and vertical transitions, in which the team is expert. Look out for Valentin and the Puma.


Garitano will recover for his board the use of pure band men to play both defense and attack. And all of them with an offensive profile who will require work in defense, but without restricting their creativity.


The albivermellos have taken advantage of the last days to empty the infirmary and for the first time in a long time Nafti will be able to have practically the entire workforce.

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