Garcés gives away a point in another heart final at Torres

Fuenla equalized the contest in 87 'after Oviedo took the lead in 86'. The carbayones failed to take advantage of their numerical superiority.


Fuenlabrada rescued a point in the 87th minute against an Oviedo that failed to take advantage of the numerical superiority with which it had almost the entire second half. Gold tie for azulones, carbon tie for carbayones.

As if it were the first minutes of a boxing match, Fuenlabrada and Oviedo measured each other in the first bars of the duel. Both contenders put their direct play and that of the rival at stake with a large number of long balls behind the centrals. And, when it seemed that the visitors would win these first rounds, a combination between Nteka and Kanté, which only Femenías could destroy, put Oltra's men in the game.

It would not take long for the carbayón set and a replica of the ones to be sent to the canvas. Marco Sangalli scored in the 14th minute using one of the Carbayones' best offensive weapons: offensive strategy plays. The VAR endorsed it in the 15th minute, as the lineman canceled it first. Oviedo already had the game where it wanted; Fuenlabrada, to look for the comeback.

The home team died looking for quick combinations between Kanté and Nteka instead of giving the ball to Cristóbal, his thermometer and the person in charge of launching that direct game. Meanwhile, Oviedo bit, perhaps too much, when the ball appeared from the balcony of their area.

A lot of blue rhythm in the last minutes of the first act and that is that Oltra's men besieged, based on push, the goal of their former teammate Femenías. The azulones deserved the equalized goal and when it did not arrive, the nerves took over the premises as seen in the failure of Pulido, which is almost the second goal for Ziganda's. Belman, imperial to stop Borja's shot.

The first act ended with another opportunity for Fuenlabrada that came to nothing. The azulones fought it, they deserved it but an Oviedo with much more tusk took the prize at the end of the first forty-five minutes.

The second half began the same way that the first one ended: Fuenlabrada, overturned on the domains of the goalkeeper Carbayón. It happens that, as Oltra said in an interview to this medium, "about competing, Fuenlabrada has it out of the box." However, luck did not accompany the locals at any time. So much so that Pathé Ciss, who had seen an absurd yellow in the first half, saw the second in a play without too much danger. Oviedo had the game very face to face making use of great efficiency in each of their actions.

Football things, when the pulsations of the duel and Fuenlabrada seemed to be lower, Diéguez put the equalizer in the 69th minute, putting his finger on the sore that hurts the Ziganda team the most, the defensive set pieces. His teammate in the Azulona defense, Pulido, was imposed on a fragile Grippo and assisted a Diéguez, who hooked the ball at medium height. Fair Tables.

Madness. That was what was experienced in the last moments of the duel. First, Pulido, in his own goal, put Oviedo ahead in the 86th minute after finishing a great play by his teammates Juanjo Nieto and Tejera. It happens that Oviedo has a lot of 'player' asleep, a lot of 'player' that when he wants, he dominates. A goal that many Second Team teams would have KOed; not this Fuenlabrada that has shown so much pride in its two years in professional football. A minute later, Borja Garcés caught the rebound of a great shot from Cristóbal that crashed on the crossbar.

Crazy finale in a duel that does justice to what this category is, where little can happen in 85 minutes but gives away five final minutes not suitable for those who suffer from heart problems.

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