Gallego's transformation

The coach assimilated his dismissal from Espanyol quickly, strengthened his coaching classes and worked to improve his model while waiting for an opportunity.


From June 7 to October 7 there is a summer, four months that for David Gallego in 2019 meant fulfilling a dream and saying goodbye to him sooner than he thought. Endorsed by his three seasons at Espanyol B, by his charisma among the faithful of Sant Adrià and by the president, Chen Yansheng, the current Sporting coach made the jump to First at age 47 in a European season. On the eighth day of the championship, his terrible classification in LaLiga led to his dismissal in the most premature decision made by the Perica sports management in recent years.

After his goodbye, David Gallego took refuge in his home in Sant Cugat, a town to which he decided to migrate when he was appointed coach of the first team. Far from going through a downturn, he quickly got down to work in case another opportunity came. First, he decided to dedicate more time to the coaching sessions that he had started in the summer, one of the aspects that he considers most crucial in group management. Later, he met periodically with his surroundings to continue improving his game model, make new training proposals and follow the competitions. And, in addition, he was another spectator in the Espanyol season. Gallego was a regular at the RCDE Stadium until the beginning of the pandemic, he even traveled to Vila-Real to the massive displacement of the parakeet fans.

The coach continues to maintain the character that has always accompanied him and that gives him authenticity, although, according to those who know him, in Gijón he has found another context to that of Barcelona, which he has accompanied with some changes that are helping Sporting to rebuild from his previous bad season and is in a position to fight for promotion.

Gallego has paid more attention to the defensive phase, one of Espanyol's burdens the previous year. The Asturians have stood out for their excellent organization, a virtue that has been caused by another aspect that the parakeet could not enjoy and that is considered crucial: the preseason. The coach gives value to having worked without interruptions in Mareo, as if he had them last year due to the exciting UEFA that added competitiveness to the Blue and Whites from the start.

Without so many sporting demands as in Espanyol that had just had the best season of the last 12 years, Gallego has found peace in Gijón, a predisposed and receptive dressing room and a less pressuring environment. The coach has changed his image and has qualified his content, but he is still "grumpy" and "genuine", as Juanma Lillo, his coach when he was a Terrassa player, baptized him.

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