Fuenla yearns to rescue Torres against a rising Girona

The azulones face a Girona in the fight for the playoff with the aim of reaping the first victory at their stadium since September 29.


Fuenlabrada and Girona have perfectly exemplified what a Second Division duel is on the three occasions in which they have seen each other: an individual portion of direct football, a double portion of struggle and a triple portion of specific highlights. All this with the playoff on the horizon and at lunchtime (14:00). Good menu for fans of the silver category (follow the game live on AS.com) .

The home team has in this duel the always difficult objective of knowing where to stand and what to aspire to, the playoffs or the fierce struggle to avoid relegation. It happens that Girona is a worthy touchstone for Oltra's. All this with the addition of being reunited with the victory in their stadium, the one that left to not return on September 26. Big morning at Fernando Torres.

For all this he will not be able to count on the weekly injured list (Sekou, Ibán Salvador and Sotillos) plus the sanctioned Pathé Ciss. Another of those who does not finish meeting is Juanma, who has limping muscular discomfort. Perhaps other campaigns, this extensive list of unavailable players would have been an insurmountable obstacle for the azulones, but this season is a common trend and Oltra's pupils are more than used to dancing with adversity.

Who will occupy the position of Pathé Ciss? Garcés or Kanté? Glauder or Pol Valentín for the left back? These are the main enigmas for the eleven against Girona. Jano, who was important to Sandoval, starts as the main substitute for Ciss, although Oltra already slipped at a press conference that perhaps there would be a change in scheme. More doubts generated by the occupant of the Azulona attack point. Kanté, like Garcés, has the approval of the coach, but the rojiblanco youth squad arrives with the push of having scored on the last day. If the starting striker generates debate, who will occupy the left back even more. Glauder returns from sanction and has more tickets, but Pol Valentín is a dagger even with a changed leg.

Girona, for its part, seems to be showing signs of life again and is immersed in the fight for the playoff. The rojiblancos have added four of the last six points and this has given confidence to a group that wants, and must, look up in the table. They are four points away from the playoff and the objective is to continue closing the gap.

For this match, Francisco recovers the injured Aday, Antonio Luna and Pablo Moreno, but all three will have to wait for their moment on the bench. The coach seems to have found his trusted block and no changes are expected with respect to the team that beat Castellón last day. Terrats, Monchu and Gumbau will continue in the midfield, Bárcenas and Sylla on the wings and above, of course, Stuani. It is hoped that the Uruguayan continues to accumulate good feelings and Fernando Torres brings him good memories because he was the scorer of the winning goal last season (0-1). Girona travels to Fuenlabrada with the obligation not to fail because the playoff train will not always wait for them.ASES A FOLUIR Cristóbal

The conductor of a Fuenlabrada that does not reach its best level without the baton of the Madrilenian. Difficult day without his faithful squire, Pathé Ciss, on his back.


Last day he signed an exceptional game, with two assists, and is expected to be a turning point in his campaign. He is at the helm of the team.

KEYS TO THE GAME To close the game

Fuenlabrada has a water leak in its defense and it is that it has seen how it is drilled in the three games in which Oltra has entered.

Visiting punch

Girona seems to have recovered the goal. The rojiblancos have signed five in the last two days, which are 23 percent of the total for the season.

Recovering wings

The game for the Azulonas bands was crucial in the first two games. Before Oviedo, something went unnoticed.


Girona is aware that it must improve defensively. They have only kept a clean sheet in one (against Espanyol) of the last six games.

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