Font: "Laporta is like the naked emperor"

The candidate claimed to have a strategic plan to guarantee a minimum of 25,000 people in the stands of the Camp Nou within a month.


The candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona, Víctor Font, announced to have a roadmap so that before the end of the season the member can return to the Camp Nou. It would be staggered, through pilot tests, under the supervision of the health authorities, and with an initial attendance of 25,000 members, 23,000 subscribers and the rest various commitments of the club. In fact, they already have until the game to start the tests if there is no setback: Barça-Valladolid at the Camp Nou on April 4.

“We have a strategic plan to have spectators at Camp Nou, Palau Blaugrana and Johan Cruyff again before the end of the season. Logically it does not depend only on us, but we are committed to leading this possibility. Other clubs like Real Madrid are not interested in this acceleration because they still have the field under construction. The idea is that as of March 8, the pilot tests will begin. April 4 would be the first game with people, against Valladolid. And from here, the next four games, including Atlético de Madrid, where we could be playing LaLiga. Our proposal is 25,000 viewers, where there would be 23,000 for subscribers and two thousand for commitments. The requests would be through the web. The entrance would mark your time and an antigen test would be done before entering the stadium ", stressed the candidate.

Font assured that it already has the approval of several clubs and institutions to lead this initiative as of March 8 if it is the winner: “We have spoken with several clubs and with Javier Tebas to start this plan imminently. To this day, all the people we have contacted are in favor. ”

The candidate, who insisted on the need to fill the stadium in the final stretch of LaLiga, referred to the steps taken in the Premier: “We have health references that allow us to think that it can be carried out. We also have the reference of the Premier, who are taking the initiative in this aspect of bringing people to the stadiums ”

He also insisted that clubs like Real Madrid "are not interested in our initiative because they continue to have their stadium under construction.""Laporta is like the naked emperor"

In addition, he was very critical of Joan Laporta and his electoral program: "He is like the naked emperor, a very successful former president whom no one dares to say he has no project. It is thought that with him The memory of the past is enough and that is why it does not explain how Barça will deal with the current situation. The current situation has nothing to do with the one lived in 2003. Am I nervous? We have been working with honor for a long time and enthusiasm in a world with a lot of noise. We have worked out of honesty and we try to discredit ourselves. We only do things by being respectful, constructive and going straight ".

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