Font: "Haaland and Mbappé are brought by Núñez's goalkeeper"

In SER Catalunya, the candidate for the presidency of Barça answers Freixa and announces that Barça "is a train that goes at 200 km / h and must stop".


Candidates define policies and space. At practically the same time that Toni Freixa announced the signing of two attacking cracks and a great defense with an injection of 250 million euros that he has agreed to, Víctor Font answered on SER Catalunya's Aqui amb Cuní program: "Sign Haaland? ? If we want to make people believe that in the current context we can stretch our arm more than our sleeve again… What it is about is having a good sports structure and helping an unbalanced squad. Signing Haaland or Mbappé does it the porter of Núñez or Florentino with the galactic model, our model is different. We are a train at 200 km / h and we have to brake ".

Font also insisted on the need to renew Messi, as a future strategy so that the club's brands and the best player in the history of the entity continue together: "The sports structure led by Xavi tells us that next year, retain Messi Sportingly is key, and I say that economically and institutionally as well. The three-dimensional Messi. We have to retain him ".

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