File against Piqué and the president of Cádiz for their statements against the referees

The Barça center-back told youtuber Ibai Llanos: "They are Madridistas. How can they not whistle in favor of Real Madrid", while Vizcaíno sent a very harsh letter to the RFEF.


The Competition Committee has opened a file to Gerard Piqué and Manuel Vizcaíno, president of Cádiz, for their statements against the arbitration body last week. The Federation has proposed to said body that an investigation be opened which could lead to a sanction for the footballer of four to twelve suspension games.

Gerard Piqué chatted last week with several streamers and pointed out that "85% of the referees are from Madrid, how are they not going to whistle in favor?". Some statements that suggest that the braids are fair in their decisions when they whistle the white team and which calls into question the integrity and honor of this group. Something that from this season carries a penalty. The footballer faces a sanction of four to twelve suspension matches and an economic fine that could reach 3,005 euros.

Manuel Vizcaíno, president of Cádiz, is also being investigated and a file has been opened for the statements against the arbitrators and the public letter he sent to Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, against the VAR and the arbitrators. Some statements that occurred just at the end of the match against Real Sociedad, where the video referee intervened on three occasions against the Cadiz team.

This says the article of the Disciplinary Code that can be applied to them:

Article 100 bis. Statements through any means about the members of the

arbitration collective or members of the regulatory guarantee bodies.

The performance by any person subject to sports discipline of

statements through any means by which honesty is questioned e

impartiality of any member of the arbitration group or the organs of the RFEF;

as well as statements that imply a disapproval of the activity of any

member of the groups mentioned when they are done with contempt or when

offensive, insulting, humiliating or abusive language is used, they will be


- In the case of soccer players, technicians, physical trainers, delegates, doctors,

ATS / FTP, health aides or material managers, from four to twelve parties

3,333,333 suspension and fine in the amount of 601 to 3,005.06 euros.

- In the case of directors, clubs or any other person or entity, with a fine en

Amount from 601 to 3,005.06 euros.

The Cádiz will allege

The Cádiz will allege before the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) after having initiated an extraordinary disciplinary procedure against its president, Manuel Vizcaíno, for what it calls "behaviors that could be constitutive of one or more infractions of general sports regulations ".

The cadista entity, in a statement made public this Wednesday, points out that both the club and its president "reiterate that at no time has any rule been acted upon" and that "the pertinent allegations will be presented in due time and form."

Vizcaíno requested last Sunday, in a public letter addressed to the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, after the defeat of the Andalusian team in the Real Sociedad field (4-1), that "fix the VAR issue" .

The maximum leader of the club stated in that letter that "it is not acceptable that technology always has a contrary criterion" to the interests of Cádiz, in reference to video arbitration.

The president complained of not being able to "speak" or "give an opinion" or "raise his voice," because they are sanctioned and not to "challenge" a referee because "it is prohibited."

Vizcaíno described as "injustice" that, "day after day", Cádiz "suffers" from "VAR errors."

For this reason, the Competition Committee has initiated disciplinary proceedings following the complaint by the director of integrity and security of the RFEF, in which statements have been made in different media and the open letter to the president of the Spanish Federation published last Sunday .

Vizcaíno's letter was made public after in the San Sebastián match, after consulting the VAR, the match referee, Pizarro Gómez, decided that the hands of the realistic defender Igor Zubeldia was not a penalty in the first half and also expelled the Cadista defender Marcos Mauro about to end this period after a new consultation with the VAR.

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