Fa 20 years than tinc 20 years ...

Pau Gasol returns to Barça 20 years later with his sights set on the Tokyo Olympic Games and after almost two years of inactivity and fighting injuries.


The bomb on Saturday, February 20, was not Navarro, but Gasol, although if Pau took Juan Carlos to Memphis, how can we not imagine that behind his emotional return is his soulmate and probable next head of the basketball section if Joan Laporta is president of the Barça club. Pau returns home 20 years later. At the age of 20, he left because Europe was too small for him. He destroyed Scariolo's Madrid in the final phase of the Malaga Cup; and he ran over him in the CBA final, moving the ball around the middle of the court like a point guard. "ET", Andrés Montes baptized him correctly. Because we had never seen that in Spanish basketball. 20 years later, at 40, he returns home.

Pau has built a career feat in the NBA. He reached the Moon in 2001, where no Spanish had succeeded. Discomplexed, in his first year he left two historical photos. Kevin Garnett's poster mate and rookie of the year trophy. While he settled, he was building a parallel track record of legend with the National Team. Then came his love with the Lakers, the two rings next to Kobe ... And more feats with the National Team, especially that of Lille.

But Pau has not played for two years and reaches a great Barça. Surely, to a Barça destined to mark an era. Jasikevicius has given the green light to the operation, but he will have to be fair and give him exactly the minutes he deserves so as not to break the locker room. Because Pau is playing the Olympic Games, but Barça is in a meteoric race to a dream triple. Scariolo dreamed "of the news that Pau signed with some team." Here it is. Pau Gasol Sáez is back home. 20 years after being 20, as Serrat sang. We will see, if as the song says, he still has strength. Spanish basketball loves him. And it awaits you.

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