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Stefano Domenicali is studying new models that complement the new rules and increase, even more, the spectacle on the asphalt.


2021 was the year marked in red by Liberty Media to re-engage fans and pilots at the Great Circus. The new generation of single-seaters, more simplified at the aerodynamic level, diffuser or flat bottom to improve braking, stability and cornering, a budget ceiling of 145 million dollars (121 million euros) or the limitation of tests in the tunnel of the Wind and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) were some of Liberty Media's high hopes for improving competition on the track and creating a stronger and healthier business model. Until the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 forced the American company to postpone the arrival of this new concept of cars to the end of March last year until 2022, in an attempt to minimize the economic crisis that the virus was causing in the equipment coffers. An extra time that Stefano Domenicali is taking advantage of to study new models that complement the new rules and increase, even more, the show on the asphalt.

A sprint race on Saturdays, a new idea from Liberty Media

In this vein, Domenicali assures on the official championship website that the idea of the inverted grid has been completely discarded, while confirming that he is negotiating with the teams to carry out during the race. Saturday's day a sprint race: "The idea of the inverted grid is over. That is something I can tell you about. It is important to perhaps think of new ideas to be more attractive or interesting, but we do not have to lose the traditional approach of racing. I think we learned it when we changed the qualifying format every two by three and it was something that burned our fingers. We have to avoid that, and I think now the format is quite stable. What we are studying is what it could be the approach to the so-called sprint race on Saturdays. We are wondering if this could be tested already this year. There are ongoing discussions with the teams, and I think maybe this it might be the only item that might be interesting. "

On the other hand, the Italian leader insists on the need to give more prominence to young drivers to favor their arrival in the competition: "We have to pay attention again to the novices, to the real novices. Today we have less tests, so we need to create opportunities for them to be on track, not just in free practice as is already written in the regulations. Maybe we can create good events, highlighting the fact that we have to focus on the rookies. We have a good number of young people drivers who are already in Formula 1, but we must not prevent that from continuing to happen ".

"Hybridization is a great path and it will have a great future in Formula 1", "We all need Ferrari to be competitive" or "We may have to return to fewer races, with the possibility perhaps of rotating certain grand prizes "Are some of the headlines that Stefano Domenicali has given in the last month as CEO of Formula 1 after replacing Chase Carey from this position on January 1. Messages that clearly outline the guidelines for the World Cup in the short and medium term. An exciting future where Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso hope to be the smartest on the grid to wave the Spanish flag again at the top of the tracks.

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