Estrada gives Betis a push to Europe and Bordalás, to the abyss

In the last minutes, the Catalan referee whistled two penalties that were highly disputed by Getafe. Canales failed the first but Borja Iglesias decided with the second.


Getafe held the draw at Villamarín but two penalties pointed out by Estrada Fernández in the last minutes, both highly disputed and debatable, ended their resistance and gave Betis a victory that will make them sleep sixth in the table until Sunday at least , when Villarreal plays. A goal from Borja Iglesias from 11 meters, reaching the end, knocked out the azulón team, again almost inoperative in attack, and leaves Bordalás against the ropes after having added a point only in the last five games and not having scored in four.

Pellegrini had taken the same eleven that he won at Villarreal, with the forced change of Sidnei for the injured Víctor Ruiz. But an injury to Fekir soon changed the lineup, at 13 minutes. Bordalás left with 'rocky' intentions: Djené returned, but on the right side. Hyperactive and nervous behind, the one with the most Cabaco, Getafe only suffered in the first half when life got complicated, especially in a back pass that the Uruguayan center-back delivered to Loren so that he, heeled and after overcoming Soria, would throw incomprehensibly to the side of the net.

Precisely Cabaco was the only one who half disturbed Joel's goal before the break, in a loose ball inside the area that did not become a shot on goal because he crashed into a Betic defender. Two and a half games, on the way to a record, the Geta had already added without throwing between the three rival clubs.

In 70 'the only shot would arrive that put Joel in trouble, also Cabaco, with a head. Without fanfare, but more incisive, Betis did collect a clear chance or threat of occasion until Estrada first whistled a penalty from Sofian for putting Borja Iglesias' hand on the chest and then another for presumably pushing the Galician forward. David Soria guessed the first to Canales but Borja, who is on a roll, did not miss the second to score the final 1-0 (85 ') when there was no time left for almost anything.

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