Espanyol's luxurious elevator is trapped between two floors

With as many defeats in January as in 19 days, it recovers the parrot tics set from the past and generates new concerns. An electroshock is urgently needed.


Above last-minute signings, the VAR, unpublished penalties and referee decisions on pants that border on the overly literal interpretation of the regulation, Espanyol still hurts, bruised by the injuries that on Sunday they inflicted themselves in their hardest blow since he made the historic mistake - not an accident - of going down to Second. And if the sensations are worrying, it is precisely because they evoke those of the worst season in history.

Today the panorama is different - the category, unfortunately, too - and Espanyol continues in the direct promotion zone despite being traced by Rayo Vallecano a 2-0 absolutely controlled at half-time. But the leadership is already in the hands of Mallorca, with three more points, Almería - equaled 45 with the parrots - has one game left and the fourth classified, which are precisely the franjirrojos, could have been 11 points but is close to all five.

It is understandable that Vicente Moreno would not even want to hear about statistics in the preview of this last game: Espanyol has lost as many games in the last four days - three, against Las Palmas, Girona and Rayo - as in the first 19. And without tell the way in which the elimination in the Cup at the hands of Osasuna took place. It is not surprising that the sports director himself, Francisco Joaquín Pérez Rufete, recognized as part of the problem that "this cannot happen, neither now nor in a year. We must make self-criticism, be clear, forceful and continue to row in the direction of the objective ", assumed this Wednesday.

The luxury elevator of the best team in the silver category, the “Real Madrid de Segunda”, in a definition that Cornellà-El Prat did not dislike and that tried to condense the very high potential of the parakeets in an apparently minor league, seems trapped between two floors to which tics of the past have reappeared, some tangible as multiple errors in a ball exit that costs goals even when the opposing forwards do not reach the level of a First, and others abstract, such as (in) capacity mentally falling apart when the match plan is slightly twisted.

And this situation occurs just when Vicente Moreno seemed to have found his gala team, at the cost of a huge wardrobe increasingly distanced from those headlines. Which produces a paradox: if the ideal eleven does not work either - he has repeated, except for David López's piece due to injury, in two consecutive defeats - will those who know themselves substitutes do it? The debate, in fact, is deeper, and its origin directly attacks the irregular construction of the template.

Clearly, the least pressured group in short distances in history needs a kind of electroshock, without an audience in matches, without witnesses in training, but with the moral obligation to go up yes or yes. The players must respond, but no more than the rest of the instances of a Espanyol that should not shield itself, but show the world more than ever its ambition. With facts. The promotion is not even a success. It is the only option. Imagine what it would be like not to.

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