Endless suicide

Barça throws the LaLiga option away. An unforgivable mistake by Lenglet, committing a ridiculous penalty, facilitates the draw for Cádiz (88) after scoring Messi.


With all the pronouncements in favor of getting back into the fight for LaLiga, Barcelona once again failed in the most pathetic way. Once again victim of their own mistakes, the Blaugrana team gave up a draw to one against Cádiz in what is already an endless suicide by the Barcelona fans, who are their worst enemies. An absurd and ridiculous penalty from Lenglet in the 88th minute allowed Álex Fernández to blow up any hint of Barcelona's illusion.

The Blaugrana team is that student who is incapable of approving or copying, a team that injures itself over and over again installed in a permanent fatality.

Koeman appealed to the Cruyffist libretto and called out the same eleven players who on Tuesday were annulled by Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League in an invitation to fix the European disaster. He did not succeed and when he wanted to fix it, he made it worse with the changes. The failure is systemic.

The team responded with more motivation than effectiveness because the blaugrana's absolute dominance from the first minute was not reflected in scoring chances. Cádiz, well armed behind in an attempt to repair the defensive gap that would have opened in recent days, lived defending the castle of Ledesma and reducing its attack actions to some isolated counterattack.

Álvaro's team made it clear to Barça from the beginning that if they wanted to win the three points they would have to be very patient and work hard. Lacking speed in the movement of the ball, the Blaugrana team tried unsuccessfully to disrupt the Andalusians by moving the ball from side to side and occasionally looking for the far shot. Alba and Messi tried, but Ledesma was always attentive. Another option was the stopped ball. Up to eight corners were thrown by Barça in the first half, but in this luck of the game, Koeman's team is almost harmless.

In view of the permanent frustration of hitting a wall, it was Pedri's faith that unleashed the game. A ball lost in no man's land within the cadista area after the umpteenth Blaugrana imprecision was pursued by the canary, who reached it before Perea, who knocked him down. The penalty opportunity was not wasted by Messi who put Barça ahead on the scoreboard.

That goal, however, did not change the game. What's more, he once again showed that at the least expected moment Koeman's team shows a worrying tendency to suicide. A minute after 1-0, Sobrino had the equalizer in a play in which the Blaugrana defense failed in a chain. His hip shot went off by inches.

After the scare, Barça tried to shore up the result through Dest's internships and the arrival of De Jong. He scored two goals that were just annulled for offside and the game reached the middle half as thick as it had started and with Cádiz having a bullet in the chamber. They were closer to Barça than they thought.

To take that step before a very gray second-half start by Barça, Álvaro gave entry to Lozano, Álex and José Mari.

The game was still on the wire because Dembélé, to Koeman's despair, missed two occasions that kept the duel pending any accident. The nerve control phase was entering. And faced with this situation, Koeman withdrew Pedri, the best of Barça to live a last quarter of an hour of heart attack that ended Lenglet with a new disaster.

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