Dwyane Wade: "Edwards can be a better player than me"

The number one in the Draft signed, against the Lakers, his best performance of the season. She goes to more, she marries Towns and Wade surrenders to her talent.


In Minnesota, the season is being tremendously thorny. The franchise directed by Ryan Saunders, which started the year renewing illusions, occupies the last place in the West. A bloodier scratch considering that, overall, he holds the worst record in the league (7-21). Nothing is going as planned, if anything can be foreseen in the NBA. And that the beginning was in line with what was dreamed: two victories in two games. The first, against some Pistons who, today, are his counterpart in the East; the second, against some Utah that, first in the West and with the best scale of results, are its polar opposite. A game of extremes that, seen now, is as disconcerting as it is cruel. With their current situation, the Wolves do nothing but delve into a wound that accumulates, and accumulates, stitches: if the season came with the worst aggregate record in the competition since 2007, imagine now ... Again , hope stays in hope; although, more or less naively (time will tell), the illusion is not lost.

There's always something to hold on to, they say, and Minnesota is constantly looking for it. Karl-Anthony Towns is there (again) and, little by little, his half namesake: Anthony Edwards joins. "I keep the spirit of the people. I feel like I am the life of the team," said the rookie last night, after the fought loss to the Lakers (105-112). Edwards, number one of the past Draft, begins to live up to his position. With LaMelo Ball taking, deservedly, all the lights, his name has been condemned to a peculiar shadow: it is known that he is there, it is known that he is doing numbers, but it is far from being, clearly, the banner of a litter, already of by itself, punished. In today's latest rookie of the year race update, he ranks second, obviously behind LaMelo, and after overtaking Tyrese Haliburton and his veteran metronome beat. A steady climb (in the previous update, third, he had overtaken James Wiseman), with a last step peering out very high, seen even more giant from the West well, but increasingly accessible.From understudy to captivating Dwyane Wade

"I had the opportunity to meet Anthony Edwards when I was a junior in high school. I sat down and watched a video session with him and coach (Tom) Crean in Georgia. It was great to share that with He, at that moment I understood that he could improve a lot. From there, seeing him evolve in college and now in the NBA is great. He is a great boy and, definitely, I think he can be a better player than me, "he said last night. , Dwyane Wade, on TNT. A rare compliment from the old guard, which surprised everyone present. "Really?" They reacted immediately. "Yes, really, he has the talent and all the tools to be it. You set a bar so that he can overcome it. I think he can do it and I hope he does. I hope he becomes a much better player than me," he said. the three-time NBA champion, 13-time All Star and Finals MVP (2006) .

Anthony Edwards, having been a substitute in the first 17 games of the season, has catalyzed his progression. In these games, he averaged 13 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.6 assists; in the last six it is at 20 + 6 + 4. It has gone from ant, the nickname by which it is known, to atomic ant and, surely, that is what has pushed Wade to such assertions. Dwyane, in his first season in Miami, finished with 16.2 + 4 + 4.5, this being an anecdotal comparison, indicative of absolutely nothing, but that fits the context. Of course, for Edwards, and like so many other basketball players, Wade is a mirror in which he yearns to be able to look at himself one day: "He is one of the best guards ever, if one day he could imitate him ...", he once said .

In front of the Lakers, the rookie certified sensations that were already becoming tangible, as always, magnified when they materialize under the gaze of LeBron, under the ruling of the king. With 28 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, he had his best performance of the season, being, according to StatMuse, the second rookie in the franchise to get at least 25 + 5 + 5 and more than 5 triples, along with Wally Szczerbiak. But it is no coincidence. Since entering the starting five, Saunders promised him more time on the ball and more shots, and he's getting it. Now, in addition, with the injury of D'Angelo Russell (down between four and six weeks) and his response, there is nothing to suggest that the situation is going to change.

His explosion, to further stoke the fire, is accompanied by the return of Karl-Anthony Towns. With the franchise player, who has only been able to step on the court eight times this season, the team goes from winning 20% of games to almost 40%. And the Anthonys understand each other: With Towns on the track, Edwards' shooting percentage from close range goes from 44.4% to 75.7%. The pivot, characterized by its great versatility, leaves the central lane free for the penetrations of the escort, generating space, protecting it and, at the same time, offering the immediate alternative or from the perimeter. Along with them, Ricky Rubio also goes to more: after a more than dark start, in which he assured that he had "lost his game", he is finding himself again. In the last two games, he averages 14.5 points and 6.5 assists; but, above all, he looks happier. In front of the Lakers, he exchanged several smiles with Edwards himself, whom, in addition, he lectures when due. Grimaces for a hope that, in one way or another, and for times it is denied, is never completely lost by Minnesota.

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