Dudley admits: Lakers were stung by Clippers' confidence

One of the Lakers, veteran Jared Dudley, talks about Paul George's "disrespectful" words last season.


The plunge between Lakers and Clippers returns, which in the last two years has intensified. He does so with a few words from Jared Dudley in a book written with Carvell Wallace called Inside The NBA Bubble: A Championship Season Under Quarantine. The 35-year-old veteran was proclaimed champion in the Florida bubble with the Lakers, the first twist of his career, and looked back to talk about what it was like to be in the locker room with LeBron or Davis.

One reason his team found so much motivation last season was in his city rival: the Los Angeles Clippers. Specifically, according to Dudley, in Paul George. In a press conference PG spoke of himself and Kawhi Leonard as two good players on both sides of the court, elite and who you would not know how to stop if you find them in good shape. Those words did not sit well in the dressing room of the neighbors, who took it as an affront.

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"We hear some guys talking about being the team to beat in LA. It's okay for Kawhi Leonard to say it because he's defending the title. No wonder someone like Patrick Beverley is saying that because that's how he wants to feed his family. But ... It is disrespectful that Paul George, who has not won anything, is put at the level of having done it. That motivated us, "he wrote in his book.

"Everyone can say what they want. It's what we use to motivate ourselves. If we remember Michael Jordan, some of the things he used to bite himself were not wrong, he used his vision to do so," he added later.

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They have not been slow to respond from the other side. The lead, Paul George, restrained: "God bless him. I don't know what's wrong with him, but that guy always loves to put my name in his mouth." The Clippers coach, a little more ironic: "A book? Jared Dudley? I shouldn't swear, but ... who cares? Play your game and don't hear what's coming from the outside. I don't. and neither does Paul. "

Before the stir created, Jared Dudley wanted to clarify what he meant: "My comments were more about how we saw that as motivation. Paul George is a beast as a player, a candidate for MVP. I'm not saying that what he said was wrong, but you wouldn't see LeBron James or Anthony Davis do that. "

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